4 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Panzer. 58 Mutz Available on EU

    1. Cannot train your “German” Medium tank Crews in a “Russian” Heavy Tank Defender now can you?

      feels like 15yr old teens all we get here in WOT nowadays. so sad

  1. Mutz is now badly power crept and long forgotten by Wargame
    I have it and 4 years ago it was a ok Crew Trainer (the shot +- RNG seems to affect this tank badly at times, WG like why?

    it really does plays like a Tier 8 from 2015/16 which in todays ever more power creep todays meta Tanks like below cost same far better value & enjoyment
    Progetto – T40-100 – Lorraine 40t (even the Revalorise – Lancen C – Centurian mk 5/1 RAAC – Strv 81

    really any Tank released within last 18 months makes it look quite sad in performance terms. it turns like a bus and moves / accelerates like a fat lorry

    badly needs a buff to bring it into 2020 to be good value for your money

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