World of Tanks – Bourrasque Challenge: More Info


Along with today’s micropatch, an unique 3D style for the French Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque has been added to the game files, as well as information that the vehicle will be available in a new challenge. The style was named “1998 ZZ 10”, and here is the description attached to it:

„I guess they expected getting rid of me would be easy, like breaking a baguette. I remember this year in Marseille … Me and Peugeot, and Gibet and company could not help us. So what will they think of now when I’m back in a real tank? It was a truly extraordinary year for France – the World Cup, a fantastic “three-color” win and then this crazy rally in the streets of Paris. And just when it seemed to be over … My friends dragged me back! They need my help badly and here I am, ready to fight. I drive a tank as fast as the wind and wear my lucky t-shirt again. Just like then in Marseille … I feel that we will win.
Good luck and Vive la France!”

Complete the conditions for each stage. Championship missions are only available for Tier X vehicles, and sacrifice missions for Tier VI-X. You will receive special rewards for completing each of the 10 stages, and at the end of all stages you will get for free the unique French Tier VIII premium medium tank Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque.

The active phase of the “French Challenge” event ends in. Afterwards, you will be able to buy the unique French Tier VIII Premium medium tank Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque with a personal discount in the Premium Shop for a limited time.

After the active phase, you will be able to buy the unique Tier VIII French medium tank Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque with a personal discount in the Premium Shop for a moment.

By purchasing the French Tier VIII premium medium tank Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque you also receive rewards for stages of the event that you have not yet completed.

18 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Bourrasque Challenge: More Info

  1. mentions the 1998 FIFA World Cup

    … does the “ZZ” on the license plate stand for “Zinedine Zidane”?

        1. Plus we know that WG has a fetish for Zizou, since they already have one crew skin named Tzinedi Tzidane, described as: “Before his recruitment, this guy was, believe it or not, a professional footballer, so he was already well-disciplined and had a lot of stamina. Don’t worry, Tzinedi is a real team player!” 😀

          1. 1998 is also the year when the first «Taxi» was released (Taxi movie series) and the beginning of the video is a reference to that with the Bourrasque getting a message to pick up costumers/somemthing, additionally the “cops” call it a Taxi as well, maybe a mix of both? (Taxi + Zizou)

    1. does that mean it will come with a special fature where it throws its turret at the enemy tank to destroy it?

      p.s: for those who don’t know it is a reference to Zizou’s headbutt to Materazzi on his last game

    1. I dunno what you’re complaining about. The stats look very nice and it will be a VERY unique vehicle.

  2. Caveat emptor.
    The french have TWO things going for them in WoT, autoloaders and wheelie bois.

    If it isn’t one of those then its very average, or sub par.
    Ala amx 30 amx 30B.

    amx 50B IS autoloader and STILL is very average.

  3. Tank looks awesome but 190 standard pen with the upcoming ammo changes look horrible :((((

  4. those Gun stats 190mm pen 0.4 dispersion are bad and that 3.5sec aim time is like forever, like omg WG!

    this upcoming marathon event when it happens should be the lowest player entry marathon to date, lol
    nice planning WG
    and less die quick noobs on servers that’s nice ………

    1. bad by what standard? mobile medium tank with 2-shot burst auto-loader standards or “not so mobile and supposed hull down monster heavy tank that has been power creeped to oblivion” standards?

      not that different from the Tier 8 T32 HT that does not benefit from the omproved concealment they gave the Bourrasque in order to better take advantage of its 2-shot burst from the flanks

    1. It is there, you just have to use the hangman mod. its above every map in the game in quite some height.
      Move your tank upwards and adjust a little. Eh voila, yoiu have the old garage back

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