World of Tanks RU – DDoS Attack Compensation Decal

Thank you for the patience and understanding that you showed during the massive DDoS attack on our servers. We have made every effort to develop a whole range of protective measures that would stabilize the situation. Now the situation has returned to normal, but we continue to closely monitor the status of game servers.

As we promised, in gratitude, all players will receive a set of 6 “Surviving DDoS” emblems. The rewards will be given starting on February 20, 2020 at 9:00 (Moscow time) until March 1, 2020 at 9:00 (Moscow time). To get emblems you just need to enter the game.


4 thoughts on “World of Tanks RU – DDoS Attack Compensation Decal

  1. On the matter of decals, emblems and camos, why the hell can’t I remove unwanted crap?

    OK, they don’t want me to sell them for precious precious silver, god forbid I will be rich and buy stuff.

    But please, let me delete or throw away or recycle, whatever, the unwanted elements, and if want to clean my garage, is it such a bad thing? Same goes for directives, I get it, they helpful and great, then let me sell them like consumables.

  2. a ‘Decal’

    lol WG just so very generous that Decal must have taken all of 30mins at lunchtime on a PC to make
    ~ sure those millions of disgruntled Russian players are just so very overjoyed – a decal lol

    WG just so cheap

    1. I’m pretty sure everybody got their compensation for DDoS attack. This decal is just something that WG wanted to give alongside other stuff but didn’t at the time.

  3. so no 3 day of premium time compensation?….hell im still waiting on 7 days for november tank rewards messup….mad the ticket and got reply that they are working on it-it will be glorious since it takes them so long to fix it….I might even get 14 days 🙂

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