World of Tanks – Sandbox Server Update (Rebalance Coming Soon!)

Sandbox servers are updating. However, while we are waiting for announcement from Wargaming, be vary of your bandwidth if you are rate limited: the patch is 20GB big.

18 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Sandbox Server Update (Rebalance Coming Soon!)

  1. Just do it! I think it will be intresting new crew skills, new shell types!! Just don’t nerf the HE/ HE dependent tanks (kv2, 183)

    1. I myself prefer to have a different crew and captain skill or at lest captain have different skills adapted to different tank type: a td tank should have different skills than a heavy or light.

  2. Do I need to sign up to play on Sandbox Server or I can just download it by this id? WOT.SB.PRODUCTION@

        1. As George just said, go to your Wargaming Game Center, then to “All Games” tab, and select in top right corner “Game by ID”, put in the following: WOT.SB.PRODUCTION@

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