24 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – 10TH OFFER – Schwarzpanzer 58 AUCTION

  1. Offering old and outdated trash/meh-tanks as special… gg wg., pls bring the T26E4 as superior special at 17.00 to be everyones darling.

    1. It’s not great, but it’s not bad either. Tank does not have any major flaws, except T-44-100 or Progetto are significantly better and it’s not especially good at anything. But it does not suck as much as majority of tier 8 mediums.
      It’s sad that tank that used to be (arguably) better than any tech tree medium tank three or four years ago is considered trash premium tank today.

  2. 5,100 available on the NA server. The average amount of players is about 20,000 on a good day, 15,000 standard. When this dropped, there were about 25,000 users online.
    I want it because black beats the bear Mutz, but even bidding 4m creditos on it feels like its too much for something that is a literal huge percentage of the average (1/2 RU, 1/3 EU, 1/4 or 1/5 NA)

  3. I want to buy this thing just for collection’s sake.
    How many credits do you think is enough ? I’m on SEA server

      1. Wut? Hearing the truth always hurts, learn about life and how to lose.

  4. Considering some past news presented on this website, i’m inclined to looking at content writers here as a marketing mouthpiece for WG to whip players into a frenzy, but will withold judgement untill BM is over

  5. My bid was 3.500.111 credits. Didn’t win, but i don’t care 🙂
    As long as i get my credits back…still waiting :/

  6. Grabbed this for 5 million just to use when the next Trade In happens.
    5 millions credits for a 4k gold discount on the Lowe seems like a pretty good deal to me.
    Though who knows, I might end up liking it.
    And, after the Lansen, I really don’t see any good deals happening for credits this time.
    Maybe they’ll prove me wrong though.

  7. Skins?

    The new 3D skins might be the special offer. It would make sense for WG to spur interest for something like that

    1. ok, u got no tank and i got no credits back..then waiting until next offer. if still not there i write a ticket

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