World of Tanks Black Market – Schwarzpanzer 58 Auction Winning Bets

Tanks available: RU – 60.000, EU – 24.000;

Minimum bid – 3.000.000 Credits.

Winning Bids: RU – 6,166,666+ Credits, EU – 4 511 111+ Credits;

19 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – Schwarzpanzer 58 Auction Winning Bets

        1. picture says you won….it doesn’t say how much you bid….I can show you same picture…but I paid mine 4.8 M

          1. Yeah that’s the thing, you can’t find any record of how much you bid unless you take screencaps of the ‘receipt’ before logging out ๐Ÿ™

            1. Thanks for your honesty, no need to buy anything to me, glad you got the tank cheaper and hope you’ll be having fun with it! Cheers!

      1. Absolutely. I only forwarded one sum. Never changed it. Very strange tbh

        I’d sell mine and buy you the Mutz if I had the money, don’t like stuff being unfair like this

        Edit: in all honesty, I might have accidentally clicked up multiple times without realising it. This is pretty much the only explanation that would make sense to me. But I remember writing down 4M and then clicking up once.

    1. If I understood your question correctly, no, you don’t have to do anything, the tank will be credited within few hours automatically.

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