World of Tanks Black Market – Type 59G Auction Winning Bets

RU server had 5.000 vehicles available, EU – 1.500;

Minimum bid: 20.000 Gold.

Winning bets: EU – 41.200 Gold, RU – 26.800;


37 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – Type 59G Auction Winning Bets

  1. Glad I bumped my from 41000 to 42 in the last 2 hours, still to much but for a collection point of view….

  2. Does anyone know when are they going to refund the bid on EU? I still haven’t gotten my gold back 😐

  3. Auctions are not a good model… It only helps increasing the price thus favoring the people with more money and such… It unevens the possibility of everybody getting access to the content, even though this is already fairly expensive…

  4. Si asa a inceput o noua era de mulgere a jucatorilor! 134€ (41.200 gold) for a tier 8 tank… (pana la urma prost este cel care plateste atat, ci nu cel care cere) 134×1500 = 201.000 €. GG WG

  5. 60,500 gold took one on the NA server. I had over 120,000 gold sitting in my account from all the Christmas boxes the last three years so I didn’t really care if I spent it. I have one now and it will probably only see the battlefield a few times. I did it more for collecting it.

  6. Guess people ae richer than I thought, thought biding 30k (EU) or 100€ was a huge amount, guess not…

  7. My comments are not posting, wtf?

    K this posted yet my others wouldn’t……

    I wrote: I can confirm that 51K was NOT enough to win on NA. The minimum winning bid was around 55,500, similar to ASIA. What did you expect with a server full of fucking Starbucks drinking neckbeards and truck drivers that alternate between WOT and wanking in their truck cabs?

  8. K some of my comments are allowed to be posted, while others are being censored and not. Please explain Veroxx…..

    1. I have no idea why comments aren’t getting posted. Censoring is whole another topic, to keep the blog PG and readable.

      1. So we can’t use swears or anything? I used one, but then I took it away and it still didn’t post. I mean I don’t think “neckbeard” would block it, would it? I was trying to confirm that 51K did NOT get the 59G on NA. Minimum winning bid was around 55,500, similar to ASIA.

        1. Um, I don’t delete comments that aren’t outright meant to be as attacks to others. If it has something that’s vulgar, then I’ll consider editing it, but never deleting it.

      1. I did. I said the F word once and then deleted it and tried reposting but nothing would show. Then if I wrote something completely different it would post. I don’t know, but I’ll just continue posting as normal and hope that everything works well

  9. It’s such an ugly, half arsed, unfinished looking skin as well, that’s what gets me!

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