21 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – 6TH OFFER – Caernarvon Action X AUCTION

  1. Not exactly Rare or collectable it?
    available many times last year wasn’t it …

    just another T8 Premium on ‘sale’ but bidding on it, wow so different (not

    what about rare and seldom available Tanks then WG
    looking like last years Premium Shop offers but with ‘black market PR spin’

    please offer us those Rare Seldom on offer Tanks as you promised
    so far boring WG usual crap .. (except for the WG SU76i swindle con earlier today (that was a bit naughty eh WG

    1. LeFH is not exactly common either nor is the GF skinned version of the amx13 57, while Lansen and Chrysler were premium tier 8 tanks for credits which makes those offers special. Now that I look at it, this is actually the first offer that’s underwhelming.

  2. I wouldn’t buy it for 5k gold, its overrated and overpriced imho. Slow, not that strong, and low alpha, many many better t8s. Sucks when you play T10s and only get 180dmg per shot out of it (low rolls do happen frequently). No thx ripoff.

  3. I kind of like mine. Not the best Tier 8 and needs to be hull down, but that’s the British heavies. I like being able to play my Super Conq crew in tier 8 battles. Not a great against higher tiers, but few T8 tanks are (i.e. Skorp G that really has a T10 gun anyway!)

  4. honest this kind of tank is unattractive and ugly mobile! Also totally trash of tank! I not gunna buy this and keep see this tank in every years!

  5. If you want to play a good British tier 8, play the tech tree Caernarvon. t least you get better Alfa and DPM with that.

    1. but dont make credits and train crew 😉
      thats how a true healthy balance looks like ! Those 2 are a perfect example…just hats off for who made them

      sadly cant say same thing about many others…

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