World of Tanks Black Market – Caernarvon AX Auction Winning Bets

Available tanks on RU – 40.000, EU – 23.400;

Minimum bet – 5000 gold.

Winning bets: EU – 5.000 Gold, RU – 5.000 Gold, NA – 5.000 Gold.

Looks like minimum amount of gold was the winning bet, congratulations πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – Caernarvon AX Auction Winning Bets

  1. CMon its a good tank!
    And ppl get nuts about chrysler!?
    Yes yes credits. but those too come from somewhere. Time is money :I

            Chrysler K … just put a compare to any tier 8 and you see on flat ground the upper plate is 50% chance of going TROUGH…
            And that “great speed” it trades for armor … is 35mph MAX…. and the acceleration is still medicore. Oh and wanna know why it can carry 120 rounds? Cause it has a low pen of 198 on AP, so you need a lot of PREM ammo each round, which ALSO struggles vs the same tier and above!
            Try to shoot an IS3A or Defender with that joke of a tank. You die!

            oh and how about climbing a hill with -6 … WITH THE TURRET ON THE BACK. (vs great -10 in the AX! +HESH/Heat shields/spaced armor)

            List goes on and on. Don’t trust this f random troll cause he tries to be a smart-* cause he shots WRONG without proving himself jack *

            Nobody drives that awful chrysler. nobody. For more than one reason!
            Meanwhile you see AX once in a while cause it has 2700DPM if you just put in a rammer… nearly 3k if you fit it with everything. Tough turret. Fairly agile. And 15% higher pen. Shots are cheap and missing one doesn’t hurt at all. You fire each 5s.

            Also its a nice trainer for SQ, while american tanks are utter garbage these days.

          2. ps and i almost forgot to mention that, if you want the best side-scraper prem… get a VKK… tougher front. tougher gun. tougher everything. Its a VKB on Tier8… boxes like a heavy weight champion πŸ˜‰

    1. Want proof? Count the amount of stinking Chryslers still driving around 1 day after release.

  2. Ouch. Overpaid by 2750 gold (bet 7750). But then again, it’s a decent crew trainer also.
    Also, understandable why minimum bet won – you can earn credits, but you can’t earn gold.

  3. It is decent offer sadly I had no gold. Had a blast on t8 non premium version wish i had this one. But hey congrats for those who got for a fair deal πŸ˜‰ nice tank.

  4. Bought it for credits last BM. Good tank for FL mode. 5k gold is a great discount price for a tank priced at 10,500 gold. Ppl complain about all tanks unless they can get the few most OP tanks for nothing. This whole ‘if it’s not a Defender then it’s crap’ mentality is childish. Compare this to the now obsolete, yet expensive table like T 34, and you will be quite impressed.

  5. This would be the best tank if you want to grind a marathon. It can make incredible amount of base xp with the same performance as other tank. Also a heavy tank does not require too much effort to play which makes it suitable for playing for repeatly grinding. It’s not the best credit maker since it has to shoot gold very often and it could cost a lot for its alpha and RoF.

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