World of Tanks Patch 1.8 – 2 New Special 2D Styles

“Always Cats!” (Fools day) – An all-season style dedicated to the International April Fools’ Day, celebrated annually on April 1. Most likely free of charge or for Missions on April 1, 2020.
Korean military – An all-weather style based on the colors and texture of the warmed lining for the uniform of the Korean military. The emblem on the tank is a Korean cat.

Source: WoTClue


5 thoughts on “World of Tanks Patch 1.8 – 2 New Special 2D Styles

  1. Exclusive information from WG:
    Based on your feedback,we try to make the game better,more balanced and fun,so we decided that with 1.9 patch you will get the gamebreaking option to change the color of the lights on your tanks,plus you will have a CALENDAR IN YOUR GARAGE.

    1. Hooli_gun, sounds like too much things in such a major patch i would guess one of those thing will came in 2.0 😉 dont hold your breath 🙂

      1. Heard they work overtime to be able to implement the calendar.
        2.0 though…..oh man,got some inside information about option to put 26′ spinning rims on your tanks,colored,and if supertest goes well,GUYS WE WILL HAVE NEON LIGHTS UNDER OUR TANKS.
        Wheres my wallet,im gonna go buy a 360 days premium time,game is gonna finally be how we all wanted it to be for years….
        PS:About the global rebalance on lower tiers,ammo rework,german tech tree rework,all announced back in 2018,dont worry,WG will catch up on all of that,at the second half of this year,probably end of this year,probably December….maybe……

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