World of Tanks Black Market – SU-76I Sale Dumpster Fire


Update (07/02): Well, you know how it is. Sometimes a shady deal on the black market falls through. You think you get a good deal on an amazing product, but when you open the package, it doesn’t even come close to the picture on the box. But I am sorry, okay. I really didn’t want to pull one over on you. I promise. So, let’s forget about it and we’ll deliver the right one as soon as we can. And because I like you, you can keep what you got. Two tanks for one! Sounds good?

Apparently people who bought the SU-76I got the tech tree tier 4 Chinese Tank destroyer instead for 15.000 gold.

Statement from wargaming:

Dear tankers!

The error related to the new offer on the Black Market has been identified and we are currently working on resolving it. For now, don’t sell the tank you got by mistake.

More information will be provided as soon as possible.


18 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – SU-76I Sale Dumpster Fire

  1. I wonder if people recieved the SU-76G FT actually researched it or not, as I did not reseached it yet and I only recieved a garage slot.

      1. I once sold the T-54 proto and wanted to restore it. Support gave me the normal T-54, by accident. I’didn’t really do that line, but starting from tier IX was really handy. I restored the prototype after they did the self service thing.

  2. Me too. I hve a receipe + the picture that shows how the blackmarket guy hand out the Su-76G FT to me.

  3. HAHAHAH I SAID EXACTLY THAT ON FORUMS ! AND NOW I READ THIS! THE HELL!? WOW!!!! hahahaa………. ohhhhh boy… made my day.

    I didn’t buy it because of that mix up… and now i am twice as glad.
    Yes it probably gets sorted out but i can go without the drama just fine :))

  4. 15K gold for the SU-76i? Damn I’m glad I got mine for 1000 gold back in the day. That thing is not worth that much… I would say the tier 4 Chinese TD gives more value for that kind of money.

      1. It was sold for less than a day by mistake. I regret not buying it right away on my phone since “it was too much work inputting my CC details on a touchscreen”. It was offsale when I got home…

  5. What if i patiently waited for the 17.00 offer and didnt get the tank because i already had the 76FT in garage?

  6. And all those out there waiting patiently for 4pm for the mystery Black Market offering

    DID NOT buy it <<
    as the picture was of the Chinese Tech tree T4 TD the WRONG Tank

    but really, really
    wanted the very Rare SU-76i for there collections

    all MISSED OUT!
    ~ thanks to Wargame employee screw ups

    So Wargame what about the rest of us your loyal customers who “you” Let Down badly
    that SU-76i around 5 years some have been waiting …….. for this?

  7. Got my SU76I around 22:30 CET after having opened a ticket. All is well. 15k gold well spent. I bought xmas boxes, so its a 20€ value. worth it for me.

  8. The 15k gold is an error, its supposed to be 1500 gold.
    Just as LEFH was a dumpster fire error, it was supposed to be 3000 gold not 300.

    This morning I received the SU76i, however also had 15k gold removed from my account.
    Waiting for error fix, and feel bad for those who had the chinese tier 4 in garage already and didn’t even get option to buy at all.

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