World of Tanks – Update 1.8 Patchnotes

Main Changes

Improved maneuverability of wheeled vehicles when driving in reverse

Wheeled vehicles can now turn at a larger angle when driving in reverse upon releasing the “Forward” key and holding the “Right” or “Left” keys. To take advantage of this feature, press and hold the Space bar (hand brake) together with the “Back” and “Right/Left” keys. This new feature will ensure higher maneuverability at low speeds in confined spaces.

Daily and Premium Missions

Added a new type of missions: Daily Missions

Three daily missions will be available in Random Battles. Once they are complete, a fourth bonus mission with a better reward becomes available.

Mission progress can be tracked in the Garage. Any mission can be changed once every 4 hours.

Missions within WoT PA were visually revamped and transferred to the Daily Missions tab.

Changes to Ranked Battles

  1. Made some balance changes to the role experience system.
  2. Revised the principle of crediting experience for destroying enemy vehicles. Now the amount of XP earned for a destroyed enemy vehicle depends on the amount of damage caused to the destroyed vehicle. The less damage caused to the destroyed vehicle, the less XP earned. The share of damage is counted for the whole battle, not for the last shot.
  3. Improved the mode’s matchmaker. Wheeled vehicles now belong to a separate category. They will have their own matchmaker queue (separate from tracked light tanks).
  4. Improved UI
  5. Implemented the visual indicator of an allied shell hitting the player’s vehicle in the Battle Notifications menu for Ranked and Random Battles.

Changes in Session Statistics

Expanded the list of parameters in Session Statistics:

  • Victory rate
  • Average number of vehicles spotted
  • Average number of vehicles destroyed
  • Battles survived
  • Average vehicle tier for the session

Added the functionality of configuring Session Statistics. Added the following parameters that can be configured:

  1. Possibility to choose parameters (from a variety of parameters) to be displayed
  2. Option of displaying economic parameters
  3. Option to disable the daily reset of statistics. Now statistics can accumulate.
  4. Possibility to save one of the two display tabs: Battles or Vehicles.

Changes to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles


Added the following vehicle for testing by Supertest players:

  • UDES 03 Alt 3

13 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Update 1.8 Patchnotes

  1. Cosmetic update instead of making 2..5 year old words reality, boring bunch of s***bags, they have no clue how to balance the old tanks, the ammo or slightly op reward tanks.

  2. I just noticed since my premium expired in DECEMBER, and I havent played the game since. I opened it today and it felt bad, its so broken and biased, WG abuses and bullies its customers…

    Ended up uninstalling it couple of hours ago. Enough bouncy clown cars, russian tonks, corridor maps, goldspam, and 3 arty per game. You really, really have a bad time, it stopped being fun.
    8 years ruined by the creators of the game I loved the most.

  3. Thank god the wheel reverse physics will be consistent and match how it is going forward.
    I was complaining about this the other day.
    Does everyone here know of the faster hull traverse speeds when decelerating the tank or coming to a stop? the wheels have that gimmick in reverse now. This fix is big.

  4. Last night I’ve heard this one regarding the wheeled vehicles… start laughing! Like…
    I honestly feel sorry for old schoold players (like myself). The new players won’t care… They will play no matter what! But for those who have a better knowledge about the game… Oh Christ! YEY!!! Let’s make them easier to control…
    Next stop: Players will be able to control arty shells… Like a flight simulator for shells! 😀 ahaha

      1. Oh… I know…. Why you think I’ve mention it? 😀 They can’t put all the idoic ideas into the game at the same time. They have to save some for… Christmas time and so! ahah

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