World of Warships – New Soviet cruisers

A new sub-branch of Soviet cruisers will be added to the game in the upcoming super test session, with Tier VIII – X ships. The main branch of light cruisers will also be updated.

Tier V cruiser Kirov will become a premium ship and will be replaced in the branch with the new cruiser Kotovsky.

Tier X cruiser Moskva will become a special ship for Coal and will be replaced in the branch with the new cruiser Alexander Nevsky.

Other details about the branch split will be announced later.

Cruisers from the main branch will be armed with 152 – 180 mm guns, while ships of the new sub-branch will have 180 mm guns on Tier VIII cruiser Tallin, and 220 mm guns on the Tier IX and X cruisers Riga and Petropavlovsk.

The main feature of the new cruisers is their effective armor piercing shells. They have high armor penetration for cruisers, good ballistics, and a short arming threshold, which lowers the number of overpenetrations. These shells will be effective both against cruisers and battleships.

These strengths are offset with an average reload time and special accuracy settings: as range increases, shell dispersion grows faster than with other cruisers.

Access to the Surveillance Radar consumable also makes them most effective at medium ranges.

Detailed parameters will be announced shortly.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary and subject to change.

3 thoughts on “World of Warships – New Soviet cruisers

  1. Back in the day when the original line was still rather new and my highest tier ship was North Carolina, i remember i unlocked the Kirov, thinking “hey, this ship is pretty good. No armor, sure, but the guns are strong and kinda accurate too, i want to keep it” and since the Molotov was basically the same ship one tier higher with 2,5s faster reload, i was set to buy it.

    Then, some year or so later, Kirov received 2,5s reload buff and suddenly, the biggest difference between these two ships was +20mm belt in favor of Molotov.

    Now both of them will be premiums and i wonder: why the hell do we need two almost exactly identical premium ships one tier apart?

  2. I’m pretty sure NA Black Market is switching the times to match the other servers. One of the deals are shortened to 4 hours from 12 if i am not mistaken.

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