World of Tanks – Patch 1.8 Changes (New Daily Missions, Ranked battles and more!)

The Test Server for Patch 1.8 is live, and it brings a variety of Quality of Life improvements. The patch is free to download for everyone.

 Session stats improved

Daily Missions


Ranked Battles Season 3


9 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Patch 1.8 Changes (New Daily Missions, Ranked battles and more!)

  1. again the messed up Ranked battles
    nothing to do with “skill”
    hop into your META tank, like T95/FV4201 or OBJ279e and GRIND through divisions
    there is NO elo system in this WG created “ranked”
    its just random battles 2.0 with more meta tanks and level grinding

    I played trough this mode in the old 15lvl system 2 times, achieved Golden badge
    Played trough the new one achieved Golden badge aswell BUT IT SUCKS
    its just random battles with more pressure and dogfights, nothing to do with personal skills

    Until an elo based system its just a joke.

    1. in litteraly every game that has ranked matchmaking you see META stuff, be it heroes in dota/lol, or decks in hearthstone

          1. Oh… and give it to the best ones only won’t? Give 279 to a noob…and many can still overplay it. Give it to a really good player and… Like on this Team clash thing… When there’s a team with two 279 (e)’s… Just forget it! Is just ridiculous!

            1. Except 279e was not given to the really good player. The really good player went out and got it, investing time, skill, and tenacity. Same with Chieftain.

              I agree it’s tuned too high, especially the 279e, but it’d be rare by its nature.

              Give it to a terribad would undermine the entire enterprise, the entire point of the game. And let’s be honest here, noobs never had a chance vs good players to begin with – regardless of the tank driven.

              1. Fair enough… But i just don’t believe WG should keep giving OP tanks to best players when they are good already! They don’t need this OP tanks right? Give them something “special”… But something special doesn’t mean to give them something over powered and broken.. you know? I believe this is a really bad way of conducting things and keep a “healthy” game running!

  2. Games, – which implemented daily missions – usually losing customers and they try to lure customers back.
    And usually daily missions do not retain customer for long time.

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