World of Tanks Black Market – How Does The Auction Work?

With the new offer, today Wargaming introduced a new feature to the Black Market: Auctions.

How this works:

  1. Place your bet in the window next to the “Place bet” button. This number has to be between the minimal bet (For Chrysler G offer: 3.000.000 credits) and infinity.

  2. Submit the bet. Now you have 8 hours until bets close. In this period you can change your bet, increase it, get it back and so on.

  3. After 8 hour period, calculations will be held and the highest bidders in accordance to the available tank amount will receive the vehicle. If your bid is not a winning number, you will receive your credits back after 8 hour period.

  4. After tanks are distributed, wait for the next offer to arrive.


22 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – How Does The Auction Work?

    1. well its not a good tank so if you are not a collector i wouldnt really go for it so i setted up “funny” price 3,5 kk which wont make me mad, average will be around 5,5 kk and 8,5-9,5 kk tops, good luck with your bets

      1. I understand, but it could have been 3 M. This figure will make people extra-bid.
        You are free to do it but unconsciously it will make people bid more. Is there any chance to replace the photo?

  1. I wouldn’t take it if you PAYED me 6 mil.
    Its a trash tank.
    VKK is so far superior in every regard! Or to be precise: those details which count the most. Armor and Firepower.

    CK has 120 ammo cause you need prem ammo (40 shots per game at least!) if you meet same tier or higher… ha…

  2. Just bet 3.000.001 (the minimum + 1) and see if you are in the pool. If you don’t have the tank you just get it very cheap and can be a proud? owner of a T8 Heavy with aweful gun. If not it’s really not a sad thing.

  3. Are they serious with this?
    Not 1c a day one offer, but several times a day and at irregular times… 1700, 0500 and now 0100!???? the F*?

    Next is ….. when? 0300 in the morning? or 1300 when i am at work!?`
    Monkeys on typewriters……. why not make it every 12hrs or just every day at X?

    Oh right that would make some lick of sense

    1. Bruh. Next offer will be tomorrow at 5AM. The 1AM timelimit is for the bidding as they need time to see the results and credit the tank to the winners.

  4. So what are the winning numbers?
    I probably overpaid with 6 mil but it’s only credits…

    1. I paid 6,5M and got one… been saving credits for this, its a tier 8 premium for credits… so far got 2/3 and counting….

      1. same here, I paid 10m since I have crap load of credits. But now I feel like I made a mistake…

        btw, I only bought the tank for collection’s sake…

  5. i bid 5m and won one. not that i want it but hey i can trade it in for a different premium at some point so for me its “free gold” or “silver to gold”

    1. Korean people cannot participate in the auction because of the law.
      But before that, they criticize the auction method.
      Wargaming is recalling more Gold and Credits from gamers.
      Remember, we must condemn the auction system.

  6. Wargaming knew that South Korea could not participate in the auction.
    none the less
    I didn’t tell you in advance that it was an auction.
    So many South Koreans waited until 1 a.m.
    World-class game company service levels are at rock bottom.
    Due to the way the head office is obstinate, only the employees of the Korean branch are being insulted.

  7. I checked the price of Crysler K from the christmas calender. Ingame buy for 9500g = ~34€.
    If i transform 9500g to credits i would get 3,8 Mil.
    So i offered 4 Mil and DON’T get one…i don’t care next christmas is coming if i really need one then.
    Seems the lowest bid to get was 4,5 Mil as Veroxx told us.

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