6 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Common Test Review – Patch 1.8

  1. Holy crap what a boring patch. There’s nothing in here that couldn’t have been accomplished by a micropatch, like I don’t even thing this warrants a functioning test server. There isn’t even anything to test…

    1. Last couple of patches were also minor ones.
      3 patches in row currently,no major updates,no balancing,nothing.Like they think everything runs smooth and we only need quality of everyday life changes…..OR
      like WG gave up on this game…….

  2. So their plan to fix the broken EBR is to make sure each team gets one? /facepalm

  3. Wargame soon plan a major patch update, useless or otherwise
    every other week!

    here is a idea maybe a major update patch to ‘fix’ the … never ending mostly useless update patches

    hmm? i could work for WG with brilliant ideas like the above

  4. “The latest update of Frontline” …
    I must have missed that in the video somehow …

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