25 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – 3RD OFFER – Chrysler K AUCTION

  1. don’t even want it, and it is on auction? really!? 😐
    how that even works? 😀

    1. Yes, but if you bid you pay the full price you’ve bid, right, unlike with Ebay where the bid is automatic raised to be slightly above the next highest bid until your bidding limit is reached. In other words, if you bid, say, 10.000.000 and the next bidder only bid 5.000.000, you would still pay the full 10k. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. For 2M maybe, but 3 680 000 is it’s base value, and in sale it goes even under 3M in gold, so… Maybe if you really need american Heavy.
    But yeah still better than T34 B for 6M last BM.

    1. People will get their tanks distributed and then it’s the countdown to the next offer.

  3. now old out-of-meta Tier 8 Premium that got Foch upset that it had no frontal weak spots even if not angled – but near invincible if angled say Wargame and they never lie?

    **even though other players seem to have no problem penning mine for the loll’s loading Gold/ Special ammo does the trick
    ** and HE from big derp Guns like Japanese O-Ho, Type 4 etc does the trick every time no problemo

    and that 105mm Gun very nice handling, but

    with only 198mm pen with Normal AP is a joke with +2MM heck it struggles against its own same Tier 8 Tanks
    ((but wargame reminds you all its Gold ammo is very good!
    using the Gold ammo works well ~ but goodbye any Credit making at all

    Black Market?
    looking like another complete fail already with STANDARD boring Premiums that are NOT difficult or rare …

    btw, its only 4 million credits new (will be around again sooner or later …

    please SUPRISE me! Mr Black Market Wargame stooge

    1. this is just a miserable tank from any point of view. It just destroys the game along with other similar creations
      Foch said everythig with a good reason and the only one who was good enough to say the truth in WG liars face

  4. I think at such an early stage of the BM, ppl will bid like crazy. Gambling is real in this game. I’ll be surprised if ppl (including myself) bidding less than 10M will get this tank in auction.

  5. well, this is a better option than watching tanks go within 2 minutes of the action.

    But as far as this tank is concerned, I will pass….

  6. I got a little bit cheaper
    i thought ‘if this was on a marathon, how many hours a day would I play for a month to get this’ and then ‘how much credit would i pay to not grind those hours’ and came up with an auction offer expecting to fail
    now after reading the comments above I wonder if still I paid too much !D

    well, lets play it first 🙂
    i am reading the full spectrum of ‘its an overpriced undergunned XP pinata’ to ‘its a sick Pay to Win Noobtank’

    even if it lands somewhere in the middle i wouldnt be too disappointed

  7. I checked the price of Crysler K from the christmas calender. Ingame buy for 9500g = ~34€.
    If i transform 9500g to credits i would get 3,8 Mil.
    So i offered 4 Mil and DON’T get one…i don’t care next christmas is coming if i really need one then.
    Seems the lowest bid to get was 4,5 Mil as Veroxx told us.

  8. I think I bid 4.5 mill, maybe 4.3, can’t recall, but I did get this. Seems to have exterior unavailable so that means can’t modify the exterior and already comes with inherit “Black Makret Camo” ?

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