Announcement: Interview with Wargaming EU Community Manager PhilX – Ask your questions!

This weekend, February 1st, I will be asking WG EU German CM PhilX all sorts of questions Wargaming and World of Tanks related. Do you have a question about the inner workings of Wargaming? Drop it down below and I will make sure to ask it!

NOTE: Please, do not ask obviously NDA protected questions like “When is the next black market”. Make sure they are clever and sheds some insight on how Wargaming operates 🙂

See you on the weekend!

82 thoughts on “Announcement: Interview with Wargaming EU Community Manager PhilX – Ask your questions!

    1. They have said it a million times already that they won’t touch them until the ammo rework is finished.

      1. Tbh earlier in the year of 2019, it was said the Leopard, STB, Kranvagn, E100 and IS4 would be buffed, of those the first three are amazing in their respective fields, the IS4 got the STII because another line beats replacing it I guess? And some of us are waiting for the E100 to be glorious.

        1. I’m waiting too but there is no point asking this over and over again every week, they won’t suddenly change their mind about it.

    2. Those tanks don’t need a buff, they should nerf every powercreeped OP tank they introduced in the past 3-to-4 years.

      Put back weakspots that people can aim at least at midrange and have a chance to pen, simple as that.

  1. Hope specially for the T110E5 to make it great again… at least competetive… that tumour on top should be impenetrable, like on Rusky tonks…

  2. Why all WG specials are over-complicated, usually with some kind of new currency, stamps, coins or other ****?

    Can’t you see that all money-grab attempts discovered promptly and make customers hate you?

    How complicated is to keep it simple and be honest with customers, they will be happy to buy stuff, why must you make us go #walletclosed every time?

    1. I’m pretty sure Veroxx asked for clever questions, he didn’t ask for a rant. Besides, you make it seem that all WG does is money-grab and produce complicated specials. I disagree and think all specials are perfectly understandable if you get into it. I don’t think what you posted here is a valid question to be asked to PhilX.

      1. Computational mathematics is also perfectly understandable if you get into it, yet somehow i think algorithmic representation of prices would make some people kind-of angry.

        I think my questions are valid, contrary to your opinion. Rant? All hard questions can be classified as rants, Putin has been doing it for years.

  3. Are the Japanese Tank Destroyers coming sometime this year? (Simply yes/no is enough.)
    And if no, how about next year?
    How many maps is Wargaming planning to add to the game within the next 1-2 years?
    Are more lines of wheeled vehicles planned for release in the next few years?

    1. I love WOT and am not looking for them to decrease their revenue stream but could they possibly have a rolling review of the worst performing tanks and buff them a improve their win rate.I realise of course that the largest market is the Russian one and their should be a slight bias to their tanks but even they must realise by now the other nations need a some love now too.

      It would help if new maps or modified maps where a bit more open to allow non Ruskie tanks to utilise their advantages more too

    2. I can answer that myself. Japanese Tank Destroyers are pretty much guaranteed this year, right after soviet double barreled tanks. When it comes to maps, you can expect one new one this year and maybe 2 next year.

      1. Technically we will get two new maps this year: one is a reworked Pearl River and the other is the Berlin map

  4. I would like to know what the reasoning is behind not player-testing premium tanks. All grindable tanks go through the common test and sometimes undergo changes if they perform too well or too badly, but premium tanks just get dropped into the game, even though the community hasn’t been able to test its performance yet. Because of that, some premium tanks perform poorly (with T-103 as example with 49% WR) and others perform way too well (with Obj. 703 v ll as the latest example with 52% WR).

  5. Autoloader russian line.British,German and Russian wheeled vehicles.Swiss tech tree line.New italian heavy.Japanese td line.Crew and to add more equipment slots.

  6. I would be interested hearing War Gaming’s rational for the game physics of wheeled vehicles. Obviously this is a game but the ability to turn on a dime doing 60mph without loosing much speed is stretching it when considering there is an attempt to mimic real world specs for other tanks.

    1. And the immunity, any tank projectile hitting wheels would tear whole vehicle apart, not make it go a little slower – 60 kph. Light tanks get tracked and killed, wheeled buzzers just go slower for a time, fixing on the move. Logic is dead.

  7. Why are we getting a micropatch so soon after the update? Is it something important? If there’s an issue with 1.7.1, why was it released today and not tomorrow along with the fix? Is it a purposeful move to break mods?

    1. I think the purpose of the micropatch will be to enable the streamer battle features in the garage.

  8. 1: Last year on Reddit Q&A the devs said that they are working on the soapy rocks and sticky buildings. So far the issue haven’t been fixed. Can we get an update on what the status of this fix is currently?

    2: Recently we got the possibility to use the 64 bit client for WoT but the WGC still starts the 32 bit version when we click on the Play button. When will the WGC be updated so we can change which version do we want to run?

  9. Is there a confirmation for “special ammo” and or vehicle rebalance this year? As i understand those 2 are linked.

  10. If necessary, a rebalancing of the Arty. When they shoot, the shot flies for about 5 seconds later. Like a “prepare shot”. Is this possible?

  11. My question!
    Wargaming recently defined the standard profile of the World of Tanks player as a man, 30 years old, working, coming home at night tired and playing for about 2 hours. Isn’t this contradictory when the company creates missions that the player has to spend a whole day playing to make 50000 base xp?

  12. How hard is the aspect on merge, move or even import accounts from EU to NA and vice versa?
    Is there any future talks of maybe adding cross account play between PC and console?

  13. Nr.1) Are there any plans to “revitalise” tiers I-V? WoWp has its set of daily missions that motivate you to play lower tiers frequently, which is actually enjoyable and encourages collecting (and purchasing more garage/hangar slots). In addition, vehicles with a famous historical background would receive more deserved attention.

    Nr. 2) What are WG’s mid/long term plans for game development concerning tech trees? Where do we go as soon as, lets say, all viable tier VIII-X tanks (including “extrapolations” and in theory technically possible modifications) have been implemented? Will the focus turn to lower tiers, WWI era tanks (they seem to work well in BF1), or tanks and AFVs between the 1970s and presence? Or will the growth and development of the game cease at one point, and the servers kept alive just as long as they are financially sustainable? (note: I’d like to keep and play my tonks 15 or 20 more years at least 😉 ).

    1. To your first question: I highly doubt it as WG is going to remove a lot of historical low tier vehicles from the game this year unless we can convince them somehow to don’t do it.

      1. I really hope they will keep what they’ve got so far. Ultimately, I’d wish for some kind of end game content and some sort of mission system for low tiers without making it a seal clubbing fest. Maybe something that lets “veteran” players compete and play against each other in tiers I-V, protecting newcomers from 5 skill crew gold spammers.
        Anyway, the way low tiers are treated now is the wrong way to do it.

  14. My questions:
    1/ Who, how and where are the feedbacks of the players taken?
    2/ who is taking the feedbacks into account and has to choose if yes or no you are going to do it.
    3/ Will we see someday an anticheat program as on most big pvp games?
    4/ Is there a real effort to take down cheats sites (just search on the internet “godmod wot” and you will find at least 10 of them). Who is on the task? Can we (the players) have more feedback about than just to say : ”yeah, we blocked 10k cheat’s users this time”.
    Some questions that are less about the in depths of wargaming, but more about the game:
    5/ Will there be modification of the daily’s tournaments? I would love to see some ranking system allowing even bad/medium players to earn something. Also compare to the time invested , most of the time during the sh prime time, the rewards are pretty lame. You can play for 2 straight hours, winning 12 battles in a row and gain…200 golds. YEEaahh… At tier 10. Super.
    6/ As said in other comment: please look the physic again. Rocks, houses, destructive objects, taking dommage when falling, flipping tanks. Will the game developers look over this in the next 2 years?
    7/ I hate 25% RNG (in particular the dammage and penetration’s values). Do you consider it to be perfect? Even if it’s not a priority, did you consider this as a problem needing modification?
    8/ and because i want to say it, please, please, don’t put op tanks in the game. Even if you have to play a lot for them. Even if it’s hard. Tech tree tanks or rewards. People wants to have everything, to have new toys not especially to feel more powerful than others. They want that if they need too. I wanted the t95/fv because this was the only way to reach the top of 1v1 tournament since if don’t have it, others have and you put yourself at a disadvantage. Power creep is not a solution. People will play new tanks no matter what. People will leave the game on the contrary.

    Thanks for reading 🙂

  15. Nr. 3) I’d love to see the whole “World of” trilogy be merged and work together more, as I assume this would boost the non-tonks games’ popularity a bit.

    a) Is there any chance that we get one game entity where we can switch between the WoT garage, WoWs port and WoWp hangar without closing one game and starting another?

    b) Any future plans on making a CW event that includes all three games? Not by mixing tanks, planes and ships into one game, but having clans fight for pieces of land and resources on one joint map combining all three games would seem epic to me.

  16. 1) How does a normal workday of a WG community manager look like?
    2) How exactly is feedback processed? Like do you translate stuff to english or russian before sending it to Minsk, do you get feedback on what Minsk thinks about it, how much content is forwarded that way, …
    3) Why did you pick T10 7v7 for the upcoming streamer event and not T7 or T9 which are currently completely redundant outside of randoms? Would have been a nice way to escape all the T10 and T8 balancing and meta issues and promote the T9 rewards.
    4) Any information about what the next patch will be about?
    5) Do you get regular updates about current developments (say ammo rework), or just the same stuff we do?
    6) Any chance that inactive dummy accounts (no battles at all and no activity for years) might get removed? Using the player search on the Website the results have like 60-80% of those.
    7) How does the communication with the developers work? Can you talk directly to them or are there many middlemen?
    8) Who decides on the rules and mechanics for CW and stronghold content, Paris or Minsk?
    9) Who do you think will win the upcoming CW campaign (assuming it happens)?

  17. 1- any plans to change the way how to calculate penetretion of light armored vehicles ? (ebr)
    2 – WOT VR ? when ?
    3 – autobounce angle , normalization of ap/apcr

    1. Will grand battle mode be an permanent option? not random with pub matches
      Will tanks on bond shop be changed/added? how long it is?
      Will there be permanent pve game mode?
      Will there be limit cap for wheeled vehicle?
      Will there be consummable rework?
      Will there be a way to buy advent calendar/black market tanks without open the game?
      Will crew directive sellable in the future?
      Will there be any rework on ingame general chat?
      Will there be any account transfer between server?
      a. will there be any mm cap for wheeled vehicle
      b. Will obj 279(e) be getting buffs?

  18. Ok, some questions that are very important to me:

    1.) Why do we have to change ammunition this much, why can’t just the damage on “special” rounds be reduced?

    -> maybe another idea: reduce damage on premium rounds and reduce rng, effectively making them more reliable, damage-wise less effective and still worth extra money for people getting trolled all the time

    2.) Why do the HE mechanics have to be changed?

    3.) Are there plans on multi-turreted tanks, not new ones but just for example changing the M3 Lee?

    4.) Why aren’t tanks like the CW reward tanks and campaign tanks excluded from special game modes? and maybe give them mirrored Match Making in the random queue? (one chieftain on your side -> one on the enemy side)

    5.) Wheeled tanks are performing too good. Their wheels are not the problem, they act like any external module, just their combination of high speed and IMO too good accuracy on the move is game breaking for other passive scouts like the manticore. Also “wheeled vehicles should never win a 1v1 vs a equal tier light tank”… -Yeah, that happened

    6.) Your “listening to the community” is shit, trust me, pls improve that

    7.) Why is nothing done about people abusing the physics?

    My personal MOST important question as the last on:
    8.) WHY can’t we get normal people on the support, that are not limited to pre-determined answers?

  19. Will grand battle mode be an permanent option? not random with pub matches
    Will tanks on bond shop be changed/added? how long it is?
    Will there be permanent pve game mode?
    Will there be limit cap for wheeled vehicle?
    Will there be consummable rework?
    Will there be a way to buy advent calendar/black market tanks without open the game?
    Will crew directive sellable in the future?
    Will there be any rework on ingame general chat?
    Will there be any account transfer between server?
    Will there be any mm cap for wheeled vehicle?
    Will obj 279(e) be getting buffs?

  20. Why not ask them for more info on their up and coming triple A title. It was confirmed by victor that one was in the works, so what will it be? rpg, fps, action, adventure, another world war game?

  21. Is there any fix for random crashes without error? It keeps happening from time to time: Windows and video drivers are always up to date, but these randomly crashes are annoying as fuck!

    and i am not the only one, so many people experience this!

  22. Would you consider a ban mechanic for clan battles (for clan war, campaign especially) ? For example, just before a battle, each team can ban one tank. The two tanks banned by the teams cannot be selected for this specific battle. In my opinion, this would partially address the fact that the better clans have very strong tanks reward (obj. 260, obj. 907, chieftain, obj.279) where weaker clans have not. Furthermore, this could lead to more interesting strategies and can revamp some tanks: for example, if the ebr is ban, old strategies with the t100lt could re-appear ! I think, this would be great !
    dalex78 – EU server

  23. yes ,please !

    ASK them when they are thinking to BALANCE their game WITHOUT P2W ELEMENTS ??!!

    just this…thx ! 🙂

    or…you can try to ask them if they are aware or not stupid enough to see that ammo rebalance WITHOUT GETTING RID OF P2W PRICES is useless and just another waste of time…?

  24. Any news about World of Warplanes, any kind of roadmap? Since Eeekeeboo left WoWp there is virtually no more communication, so any news for us small but still active community would be great!

  25. 1 – Is WG planning to introduce/add more nations into the game?
    2 – Filtering the last few years there’s an increase of the game monetization. Accross the community there’s many who believe the borderline has been crossed already and the game is now more P2W than ever. What WG thinks about this matter?
    3 – During 2019 has been a couple tanks introduced into the game which are considered by many overpowered and actually ruining the game experience, like Obj 279 (e) and EBR 105. Does WG believe they need to reviewed at some point?
    4 – Does WG believes the “ammo rebalance” will stop or decrease the “special ammo” spam across the game but specially on Tier X?
    5 – Is on WG plans to make MM changes and add a skill based code into it?

  26. When will you bring Team Battles back ?
    Is there a chance to cancel / postpone crew reshuffle project ?
    Is there a chance that the unfortunate ideea of cumulative penalties, without redemption possibility, to be abandoned ? Loyal players and veterans are getting now 12-17 days of bans for the SAME simple reasons for which begginers get 1hour ban, just because of the idiotic cumulative profanity score.

  27. What is your opinion to the current tutorial system? Do you consider newbies are effectively taught how to play? Are you planning to put more effort to this and how?
    What’re plans for the wiki? It seems to be abandoned and out of date both in way of content and software.
    You are improving graphics but are you going to bring some sounds improvements as well?
    What about some difficulty rating for tanks? How a newbie is supposed to recognize which tank is hard to play?
    Why there are no Grand Battles for tier VIII? I dont play tier X often so if I do I am always lost when playing this mode… if you dont play tier X often you need unbelievable amount of patience to learn those GB maps… and it is better and simplier to just switch it off.
    Is there some plan to provide some dev blog to bring us some articles like “We’re thinking about changing this because… What’s your opinion?” or “We’re developing this at this moment” so there would be some official way to get teaser and backstage information.
    Is Supertest going to be RU only?
    What are your plans about reward tanks in such modes as RB or CW?
    Can you briefly describe working of content team that releases news? Who prepares that news, who translates it… How does it all work? I mean to describe the entire journey of news from WG to players.
    Anytime I report I was pushed from the cliff/to the enemy fire the game support tells me I dont need to report it as this is being issued by some automatic banning system… How?
    Why there is no information about micropatches e.g. in WGC or somewhere where it is easy to find?

  28. 1: why barrack slots still exists? they are redundant with garage slots but they are rarely given the same way as garage slots (a premiun tank comes with a garage slot but his crew does not bring extra beds)

    2: what tanks are already planned for the multi-nation machanic?

    3: would be possible for a future update to be bigger than average but changing enough to be worth a major Ad campain before and after it? (maybe with the low tier gameplay rework? )

    4: would be possible more tiers (11 or maybe 12) that instead of newer tanks it just enlogate the mid section in a way of balancing game progression? (that could be a fix for the gap betwenn some tier8 premiuns)

  29. “Even with the introduction of Wheeled vehicles, Light Tanks still feel quite underwhelming and vehicles once popular are now stripped of their uniqueness:

    VK 28.01 lost its derp
    59-16, M41 and SP I C lost their autoloading weapons, etc

    Although the rework has brought interesting vehicles as part of the patch that extended them to Tier X, the path leading to them lacks the dynamics they possessed before, in terms of speed, view range and weapon selection.

    Basically, for Light Tank enthusiasts, there isn’t much going for them as even some of the Tier X Lights could use some improvements.

    Are there any plans to make them competitive again or even restore their previous stats?
    What does WG have in store for the Light Tank fan in specific?”

  30. Some events of the past year either delayed or canceled. What was going on about the development of those events? Will those trouble continue on future events? More specifically, I’d like to know what happened to the Clan War Event. What specific difficulty delayed the event and is it going to be overcome on time on Feb 13?

    The event is important for clan players. While many clan communities are preparing for the event and I’ve even heard some people take their days off for the event. The delay of this event really hurts many clan communities as I know.

    1. “More specifically, I’d like to know what happened to the Clan War Event. What specific difficulty delayed the event and is it going to be overcome on time on Feb 13?”

      They have literally told everyone that there were DDoS attacks on the servers and didn’t want to release a CW event with unstable servers.

      1. That’s not the answer I was asking. DDoS is the kind of attack that every online service provider should have prepared of. And it could happen again after Feb 13 as well. It’s not a sufficient excuse to delay the event for a month while a usual DDoS mitigation could be done within days.

  31. Just one question.
    Previously, WG answered they would not implement tanks have recoilless gun. Is it still the same now? And why?
    I can find nothing prevent to implement recoilless gun, the trajectory of recoilless gun is similar to that of tank gun, the penetration is also not much different, not guided missle, the velocity is slightly slower but acceptable.
    I thought the reason is they are usually equipped multiple guns. But now we have double barreled tanks.
    I really look forward to Type 60 SPRG.

  32. Are there any plans to MODERNIZE THE CHAT SYSTEM?
    More functionality. Possibly avatars and default separation of Nationalities.

    Also- will DOGTAGS ever make a return!?`I loved them! Everyone did!!! … why were they removed!?


  33. Tier 9, 10 and the prem EBRs are clearly over-performing based on their global win ratios on each server. And it is not just a little bit, for example the EBR105 has nearly a 2% advantage over the nearest competitor, the t-100LT (manticore’s win ratio is skewed by the lack of statistics due to its poor popularity). So my questions are:

    A) Is WG aware of this issue or do they even consider it an issue?
    B) Are there any plans to tune the wheeled tanks? If so, any approximate time table?

  34. Please behave and refrain from childish insults and language. Any personal insults, naming and shaming will be reported and linked to your World of Tanks account.

    Good luck on the battlefield!


  35. my questions:
    1) did WG consider the use of deep learning methods in terms of the MM as this problem seems kind of perfectly made for this new technology considering WoT produces more then enough labeled learning data (battle results) each day? from my own experience i know that in the right scenarios these can do real wonders and offer options that are simply unthinkable with any other approach.
    2) if yes, did they consider to use it to balance out OP/UP tanks via MM (OP tanks would tend to be matched against other OP tanks more often then against UP ones) – and even better stock tanks, such that those become a little less horrible and frustrating to play?
    3) if yes, did they consider to use this to help balance out maps by somewhat uneven teams (i.e. disadvantages side would get tendentially better tanks)

  36. Any chance those “racing commanders” (from last year’s racing event) will get “national voiceovers”, too?
    I mean, an Austrian Wilhelm Mäuschen only talks English, seriously? This way there’s no way I can put him on my Mäuschen ….
    Please get these commanders this option, too!

  37. Will most of regular tier 8 tanks become better than same tier premium?(Like Caernarvon compare to Caernarvon AX)
    Will the ammo change land on Q1 of 2020?
    Do you think give Manticore HESH shell will be good because it really lack of fight ability. (When LT can only spot, the result of game will be more depend on team mate, not your skill)
    Any plan of cooperate with skin mods creater? such as choose some really good skin mods from player community and make them avaliable to purchase and use in game?
    What’s the fate of Chieftain Mk.6?
    Try to nerf some premium vehicles?
    Do you consider add language pack download option? So that no matter what region you are in you can download the language pack you prefer.
    With the preset style option, is it better to remove skinned clone tank ingame and give style to players that already purchased?

  38. That’s not the answer I was asking. DDoS is the kind of attack that every online service provider should have prepared of. And it could happen again after Feb 13 as well. It’s not a sufficient excuse to delay the event for a month while a usual DDoS mitigation could be done within days.

  39. When will you finally try to fix artillery? It is so damn broken and drives people off the game. Im all thats left from my friend circle playing this game, all the rest left only because of arty.

    Atleast limit it to 1/team, Or better yet, create PvE for arties, where the could play against AI controlled vehicles. You could have 3v3 arty games, where every arty could get 4 bots to command and tell where they should go and so on. Would give more things to do during the long reload. Everyone would be happy. Arty players could keep playing and arty wouldnt ruin the fun for the rest.

  40. This is the only game of this type i know where you can lose 15 battles in a row. Until when will most battle results be 0,1,2,3,4,5 – 15 and vice versa?

  41. 1.What is the point or the fun in 4 minute battle sweeps,and considering the vast majority of the player base plays mostly randoms,is it good for any player,winning or losing team,to get 4 minute battles?Does WG believe,4 minute battles are happening because the sophisticated MM puts 10 rookies,with 80% crew and none/one/two equipment in slots,versus 10 clan war veterans with four skill crews,3 equipment pieces,and perfect map and mechanics knowledge?
    Is that fun/entertaining for any player,and what do rookies learn from a 4 minute roflstomp?
    Are players encouraged to invest money in a game that does not provide fun/excitement (specially in entry low tiers),mostly because of randoms unbalanced MM?

    2.How can you explain,that in a PvP game,a NON PvP class (arty) exists?(i can shoot you,and you cant do nothing about it……)

    3.Do tanks like T95/Chieftain or EBR 105s absurd statistics in every category,promote frustration/toxicity in the game,and how exactly are tanks like that tested,evaluated,and balanced?

  42. Will there be any event or gamemode for T7 or T9 vehicles? Most players currently treat T7 and T9 vehicles completely redundant after grinding to T10. A suggestion: there should be an episode in Frontline for T7 or T9, even these episodes can be rotating f.e. T7 for February, T8 for March, T9 for April. Otherway: can you an play an episode in T7 for less Prestige point and/or lesser rewards, then with t8 vehicles, T9 for a little more rewards/more Prestige points? It would revitalize the T7&T9 vehicles. It would be advantegeous for WG also, they could sell T7 premium tanks more player (to promote & monetise the idea).
    What is the idea behind that T9 vehicles are the main rewards for RB & FL battles? Gamers not playing them, just leave them in their garage f.e I see no AE Phase I in battle.
    Will there be other multi-nation tank available after the introduction of that machanic on Rudy?

    What does WG believe about wheeled vehicles? As I see, very skilled players aka unicums are keen fans of them. But unicums are only 5% of the player-population (by definition) and 90% of players think, that their gameplay/excitement are ruined by the wheeled at T8-9-10 battles (remaining 5% neutral, lets say). Does WG consider it an issue?
    Wheeled vehicles so difficult to play well/requiring so high skill-set, that casual players or players with averege skill-set incapable to play them effectively. So, the opinion of unicums & non-unicums (aka “averege” players) are & will be always diveded about the current state of wheeled vehicles. Does WG believe they need to reviewed/rebalanced at some point? Even if it’s not a priority?

  43. Did WarGaming ever consider an alternative method to the test server for vehicle testing?

    Every though about giving new vehicles (after SuperTest) as rentals to a random selection of active players to see how it performs on the live server?

  44. When you add the ability to allow players use premium account when they need it ? Lets say i want to have a brake why my days go down and down without playing ? It will be better if we have the ability to activate a premium day like we activate boosts for xp and credits.

      1. It was already tested, apllied : for 15 days, day by day if I remember correctly.
        You had to play 1 bqttle to activate it.

        1. They will only release it when the ship is sinking too fast and they want to milk every last cent out of the playerbase, until then have fun waiting for it.

  45. Any chance of fixing crew books so that they will apply when a crew is being trained in a premium tank that has “specialization” for a different tank?

  46. How about project excalibur,and wg plans to introduce tier 11-15 or 20 tanks in the game.

    Modern tanks from the 1980-2020
    And future tanks 2030-2100 models from sci fi content.
    And a top tier from the future extreme sci fi alien tanks you now.

    The plans to introduce atgm in wot and other ammo type in the game.More slots for equipment 4 or 5 and the new crew system about the nr of skills and how they work/benefits.

    Using from excalibur the light suport vehicles

  47. Any plans / date for a NEW CHAT SYSTEM?

    It’s literally from the beta and has no features…..

    And how about DOG TAGS?
    do they return!!!? Everyone loved em!

  48. Will map sizes be increased? If not, will small maps such as Mines, Ghost Town, etc be restricted to tiers 6 and below? Tanks above tier 6 shouldn’t play on anything smaller than 1k x 1k.

    How about making all maps the size of Frontline maps and then use some type of dynamic sizing for the play area based on the tiers that are loading on the map? This would also open the door to random map location on any given map (ie play area could cover parts of E & F, A & D, etc).

  49. Question n.1:

    Any chance on nerfing wheels of the wheeled vehicles?
    These things are literaly inpenetrable from the side.. higher tiers are quite hard to hit due to it’s speed and low profile, and when you finaly hit them you do no dmg to them. It’s really frustrating.

    Question n.2:

    Are you planning to restrict lights tanks to some maximum per team? (Personaly, i think 2 would be perfect.. but i would also be fine with maximum of 3.) As a light tank player.. i’m sick of playing games where there are 5 lights in both teams, games are really fast and it’s hard to do spotting missions.

    Question n.3:

    Also restriction for wheeled vehicles would be nice, so that they can meet only other wheeled lights.
    For exaple games with AMX 13 105 in one team, and EBR 105 in the other team are really unbalanced. Have you thought about something like that?

    Question n.4:

    What program do you use for map creation? Would be really great if WoT comunity could create maps for you, every month make a poll, send the best ones to WG and add them to the game or make some changes to them if necessary..

  50. Could they clearly indicate the crew that have 0-perks skills in the game ? It is annoying to not know that ! ty

  51. Will WG consider adding console based tanks onto the PC version, like the AMX Chaffee?

    What are the plans with the M4 FL10?

    Are there any plans for more French lines?
    Such as super heavies or a full branch of medium tanks?

    Will there be any other multi national vehicles, will we be able to swap the likes of the Pz38H, Pz S35 and PzB2?

    Will there be more wheeled vehicles or even half tracks with specific roles, like TDs, artillery and fire support?
    Such as the Italian 90mm flak truck/ M2/SDkfZ with AT guns

    Would the concept of command/ repair vehicles be added to frontlines to provide gameplay other than ‘just shooting’

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