End of Cooperation Between World of Tanks and Prime Gaming

source: rykoszet.info

On May 1, 2024 The “Turtlemania” promotion from March 2024 has ended. This was the last package we saw as part of this promotion.

So one of the best collaborations that provided unique, thematic content has come to an end.

16 thoughts on “End of Cooperation Between World of Tanks and Prime Gaming

    1. You want WoT to die, yet you still follow the news of the game? Insecure loser maybe???

      1. The warthunder troll even if is not trolling —same behavior.. Amazon been cutting costs lately including Gaming Division

        1. Then there’s a few telly series they could’ve cut as well, like rings of power.

      2. Seems reasonable to me. Don’t know what you’re whining about. Business as usual.

  1. WG have clearly run out of ideas…
    Endless promotions that have nothing to do with tanks. Endless game tanks with gimmicks.. But no new maps or game modes.
    Id love a WG job to get paid for doing fuck all

    1. Expect that this time it’s not due to WG’s lack of ideas, but Amazon refusing to renew the contract as they need to cut cost, and this program is one of the things they will kill off. Most major games left it as is, more will leave it next month.

    2. WG got plenty of ideas, that’s why they have collabs with every possible IP they can think of – to see if it’ll boost sales and get more people to play their games.

      This looks like something on Amazon’s end, could be Bezos isn’t making enough money with Prime Gaming.

  2. Aaaaaand this is where we say “fuck Amazon” for failing to continue yet another Prime Gaming collab. Riot games also got snubbed, for all the anti-WG chuds lurking around the comments.

  3. I’m not paying for Amazon prime to be allowed the privilege of renting a tank. Madness.

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