WoT Supertest: Vz. 71 In-Game Screenshots

Vz. 71 (Czechoslovakia, Tier-10, LT, techtree, mechanics: autocannons with unique shooting mechanics)

Release at the very beginning of September 2024.

10 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Vz. 71 In-Game Screenshots

    1. They better be – otherwise with such bad camo (15% for a tier X LT is Sheridan level of bad) you won’t be spotting anything!

      1. Since camo is -sort of- a derivative from size, the bad camo lets you extrapolate it. Thing will be between RHM and Sheridan…

        1. It’s logical to be so, but after all, camo values are just assigned. They can be anything really – WG are known from making non-logical decisions.

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