WoT: Complaints Function Not Working In The Game

Something has been broken for a long time, and 99% of the in-game complaints you send simply don’t work. It’s as if you’re just pressing buttons that do nothing and lead nowhere.

25 thoughts on “WoT: Complaints Function Not Working In The Game

  1. According to TragicLoss (WG employee) on reddit the only game reports they look at are those for chat toxicity or offensive IGN or clan names. Everything else has to be sent as a ticket and sorted by customer support for anything to happen.

      1. Depends what you see as important – if all you care about is to punish botters, pushers, and cheaters, then none of the working in-game report functions will help you.

  2. NewsFLASH, the compaint never HAVE DONE ANYTHING, do you really think WG gives a SHÌT????

  3. Well i got chat banned multiple times and currently chat banned LOL. so i guess chat reports work if ppl not reporting me manually.

      1. in game chat report u donkey.. omfg how did you even think i was talking about general chat in the garage? what an ape

  4. I report all polish and czechia players because they are fucking useless cúnts

      1. I am not happy with ruzzian cheaters (both that use fobidden mods and play rigged games using 2 accounts at the same time). I keep sending replays to WG, and they keep banning those mon keys, but the number of this bio mass is still too high..

      2. We’d rather have cheaters than these poland and Czech players who sabotage their own teams by their inability to do anything at all

        1. Complaining about Polish players being bad is 2015 vintage, are there still people who bring that shit up?

  5. no evidence that it has worked… and all those “report all” clowns still believe

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