Wargaming Donates 10 Million $ to Fight Corona Virus

Wargaming donates $ 10 million to fight coronavirus in China. Earlier, Bill Gates allocated a similar amount.

This morning Zhou Hongyi  a Chinese entrepreneur and billionaire posted a message on his Weibo blog that CEO Wargaming today donated 10 million US dollars to fight the epidemic in the country.

Zhou said the Wargaming CEO contacted him on the second night of the new year and expressed his deep concern about the epidemic in China.

WG management said they closely followed the outbreak in China and decided to help. Victor Kisliy, CEO of Wargaming, said:

“The epidemic situation is difficult and urgently needs external assistance. At this moment, every hour and every day is very important, and the world must take immediate measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, 360 Group was chosen as the only partner due to the effective cooperation with this strategic partner in the Chinese market in the past.

The money is aimed at combating the new coronavirus pneumonia in China. This donation will be fully realized by his Chinese strategic partner 360 Group. In the event of a lack of domestic medical supplies, priority will be given to 10 million US dollars for the purchase of medical protective materials abroad.

At the same time, Wargaming immediately launched a global procurement operation to find major manufacturers of medical equipment around the world, including, but not limited to, medical masks, medical gloves, disinfectants, protective clothing, safety glasses, etc. Buying overseas materials is carried out directly by the working group. After the materials arrive at the border port, all the procedures of customs declaration and subsequent verification, quality control, transportation and distribution will be carried out by 360 Group, which fully mobilizes the speed of delivery.

360 Security Technology Co., Ltd. is China’s largest provider of products and services for providing security on the Internet and on mobile devices. The company was founded in 2005 and is a pioneer in the field of free Internet security. 360 provides comprehensive security services, including security advice, security operations and maintenance, and safety training for millions of government agencies and enterprises.

Translation: WOT Express.

7 thoughts on “Wargaming Donates 10 Million $ to Fight Corona Virus

    1. Still WG Does not have there foot in the China market. A different company controls Wot in China…

  1. if one were a cynic one could argue that WG is concerned that its population of Chinese gold whales might suffer from the virus and thus this is an investment to hedge income losses – on top of an image campaign ofc. – and reading too much on forums or comment sections one is easily dragged to such perspectives, which can turn anything good to be viewed in a bad way.

    however a humanist would say that rarely think in such a black and white way and such actions are often motivated by good intention even if the business side is obviously always a consideration when money is involved.

    a realist would argue that intentions don’t matter nearly as much as the action itself so let’s appreciate that WG is doing a good thing regardless of their intention.

  2. no the realist would say 30 years ago we had 3 billion humans suckling from the Earths teet, now we have over 7 billion.

    Big brother has realized global warfare is too expensive a way to cull the numbers, and destroys too much valuable resources, so lets use a virus.

    Corona is just another test run, until they perfect it.

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