WoWS Supertest – Upgrades changes

In version 0.9.1 we will change the existing upgrades in our game and add some new ones. These changes will add more variety in the choice of upgrades and will allow players to further customize their ship to suit their play style.

Some upgrades will be replaced by new ones and removed from the game. In this case, the upgrades already mounted on the ships will be replaced by their new versions. Upgrades in the inventory will be exchanged for credits for their full value.

New upgrades

Maneuverability system (slot #2):

  • This upgrade will replace the “Propulsion Modification 1” and “Steering gears Modification 1” upgrades, which will both be removed from the game. The new upgrade will combine both of their bonuses into one:

    • -20% risk of engine and steering gears becoming incapacitated;

    • -20% engine and steering gears repair time.

Torpedo tubes Modification 1 (slot #3):

  • +20% to torpedo tubes turn speed;

  • -40% risk of torpedo tubes becoming incapacitated;

  • +5% to ship torpedo speed.

Aerial torpedos Modification 1 (slot #3)

  • +5% to aerial torpedo speed.

Torpedo protection system (slot #5):

  • Replaces the “Target Acquisition System Modification 1” and will give the following bonuses:

    • Allows for torpedoes to be detected at a fixed distance of 1.8 km, regardless of the torpedoes’ detectability range (“Vigilance” skill will improve it);

    • Add +5% to ship’s torpedo protection.

Ship’s consumables Modification 1 (slot #5):

  • +10% to action time of ship’s consumables.

Squadron’s consumables Modification 1 (slot #5):

  • +30% to action time of squadron’s consumables.

Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 (slot #6):

  • Upgrade will combine the “AA Guns Modification 2” and “Secondary Battery Modification 2” upgrades, which will be removed from the game:

    • +15% continuous damage from AA mounts;

    • +15% damage per second within the explosion radius of shells fired from AA defenses;

    • -20% to secondary battery reload time;

    • +2 to the number of explosions produced by salvos from AA defenses while the “Defensive AA fire” consumable is active.

Upgrades changes

Damage Control System Modification 1 (slot #2):

  • Added a bonus that gives +2% to ship’s torpedo protection.

Defensive AA fire Modification 1:

  • Added bonus that reduces the reload time of the “Defensive AA fire” consumable by 10%.

Main Battery Modification 2 (slot #3):

  • Removed penalty to main battery reload time.

AA guns Modification 1 (slot #3):

  • Bonus to the number of explosions produced by salvos from AA defenses replaced by a -20% reduction to Priority AA Sector preparation time.

Special upgrades:

  • For all special upgrades, the restrictions on installation by class and tier of ships have been removed.

Source: WoWS devblog

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