World of Warships – Update 0.9.1 Overview

Update 0.9.1 will continue the British update cycle

The event will consist of directives, new unique commander Andrew Cunningham, and British heavy cruisers which will be leaving early access.


The new commander has three talents:

  • After receiving 2 “Caused flooding” ribbons, ship and squadron maximum speeds are increased by 5%.

  • After receiving 2 “Destroyed” ribbons, an additional charge is added to all consumables.

  • After receiving the “Witherer” achievement, the reload time of the main battery and torpedo tubes, as well as aircraft restoration time, are reduced by 10%.

All three talents can be activated once per battle.

Andrew Cunningham also has the following improved skills:

  • Jack of All Trades – Reduces reload time of all consumables for the ship and squadrons by 10% instead of the basic 5%;

  • Aircraft Armor – Decreases the continuous damage that aircraft takes from AA defenses by 11,5% instead of the basic 10%.

Ranked season

On the 26th of February, the 15th Ranked season will begin. Battles will be held on tier X ships, without class restrictions, in the 7 vs. 7 format. Battles will be conducted in the updated “Arms Race” mode.

Service record

We updated our game’s service record system:

  • The order in which game features are unlocked has been changed.

  • Reduced the number of battles needed to reach most stages of the service record.

  • New rewards have been added for unlocking different stages of the service record: Coal, Free Experience, Premium Account Days, Signals, Camouflages, Containers, and upgrades.

Beginners will now need to play fewer battles to gain access to the main game features, and the updated rewards will make this progression easier.

Please note: Players who started playing before the release of Update 0.9.1 will receive all-new rewards for already completed stages, minus what was already received in the old version of the service record.

For example, players who have already reached the last stage of their service record before Update 0.9.1 will receive: 15,000 units of coal, 4 days of Premium account, a supercontainer, 10 daily containers (among which 5 are “More Resources” containers), as well as a large amount of upgrades, expendable camouflages, economic, and special signals.

Other content

A new map – North Waters – will appear in the game. Players will fight among snow-covered islands and ridges. It is designed for tier VIII-X battles and will be available in two game modes: “Epicenter” and “Domination”, with three key areas.

A permanent “Nordic” camouflage for the German tier VIII battleship Odin has been added to the game.

ezgif-7-29ca4a7f5e39The “Recruiting Station” flag has been added to the game.ezgif-7-e298af5d6646.jpg

The ways of obtaining these items will be announced in future.

Source: WoWS devblog