Search interest in WoT over time

Up to December 2019. As you can see, the game really hit its peak in 2013-2015 (as Slava Makarov said in the previous post), and the following spikes in popularity were caused by the Christmas events. The last one should mark the fact that the playerbase is pretty stable, not having decreased so much since last year.

Source: Google Trends

Last Google Trends post (3 years old)

11 thoughts on “Search interest in WoT over time

  1. “Wot is dying” – i hear this kinda stupid since day ONE……… “oh the patch 0.7 ruined the game!!! its dead within a month!!!

    *facepalm* so much stupid.

    Yes, not that many people look up world of tanks on google…. so what?

    Do you realize many of those search requests are for MODS FOR THE GAME?
    Something you can find WITHOUT SEARCH… by going to the MOD HUB?

    World of Warships, for example, you can FIND ON STEAM.. – boom, more traffic gone.

    Saying “search requests” and “success” are tied together is beyond stupid.
    Here is the data for PEWDIEPIE … oh gosh- this guy must be broke, right?
    No. He is not. He still got MILLIONS MORE than any of us can ever hope to dream.

    1. I kinda agree, but the game is still a niche, but there are people who just want to play with tanks a little. There are just not many competitors who are kinda relevant. Especially when you just want a casual game.

    2. followed link you supplied changed it to Worldwide (not United States

      Interest trend is late 2019 its shows > 20% average interest compared to year 2015

      that means my friend that 80% of WOT player base have lost interest in the game since 2015

      World of Tanks Worldwide has lost 80% of its active players since 2015

      Wargame as a Company
      they are a Stubborn ,mostly Eyes shut with heads in the sand, sadly at times lying over and over

      So now today 2019, just 20% remains of the player population WOT once enjoyed this seems about right

  2. What does this tell us? Nothing we don’t already know. It’s a dying game and the gangsterism behind it just want to milk as much money of it as possible.

  3. im f2p player, never bought a thing, everything connected to wot is bookmarked and i never google it

  4. Talked with my Clan mates Discord today (27 players in total this afternoon

    Most not like game much compared to other Games, why?

    Match Making – – over power (really so suprise) most HATE (a lot) that Tier 8 gets Tier 10 at all!
    Match Making – – Teams Players in Teams, are hopelessly un-balanced Team poor players v Team Good players (turbo 12 – 3 game losses all in 4 mins REALLY piss them off a lot

    Maps – – Corridor and Corridor then more Corridor, most with little usable (safe sort off) cover if any
    Maps – – bad to poor design in General (with numerous annoying Bugs each and every update
    Maps – – never get more than 7 or 8 different Maps n any weekend day (Map server set to Wargame fav €€€ Maps by default?
    Maps – – Small and with up to 50% wasted space Mountains, seas or 50% open spaces death areas

    Wargame – – Promises broken, broken, so many Lies this over and over
    Wargame – – Un trustworthy cannot count on WG for most anything
    Wargame – – far to many Premium Tier 8 spam (for easy quick €€

    these were the most frequent criticism’s from my Clan mates on Discord

  5. Again more talk with my Clan and other Clans have Friends in, on Discord this afternoon

    11 – have had enough, Xmas Grind Credits burnout ~ gonna leave WOT find friendlier game, to much frustration in WOT game

    44 – Enjoy playing over Xmas Hols & give a crap about Win or Lose games, only here for the Xmas 5X event, not play anymore until next big 5x event (?) yeah go figure

    27 – different folk thinking about giving WOT a break playing over 5+ years not like how its going
    (French OP Ferraris 90kph & Arty still bad or worse than before, hate all newer Maps

    that’s it, cant be bothered with more its too depressing listening to WG “overwhelming success” story that’s WOT ~ not

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