World of Tanks is Dying

WoT is not that popular anymore, it seems. It used to have a bigger buzz back in the day, statistics say.
I know. The title may scare you, but it is true. I did a simple research using Google Trends and it shows that the peak search interest WoT had was in 2013, and from there it slowly decreased to about a half.
Also, WoWS is not doing too well either; its popularity is small compared to the one World of Tanks still has.
Note: the statistics are global. WoT is still going strong in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, by the way, just like AW does.
I also made some screen captures of War Thunder, World of Warplanes & Armored Warfare.
First: AW vs WoT: WoT wins by a HUGE margin.
Second: AW.
Third: War Thunder versus World of Warplanes.
And the last: World of Tanks versus World of Warships (note: the red bar is categorized by Google as the „online game”, while the yellow is the search term;)
What do you think?