WoT EU – Happy New Year Special



Let’s make sure to start 2020 in the best possible way with this small transition of a special that’s perfect for you and your crews! From 28 December at 06:00 CET to 02 January at 06:00 CET (UTC+1), take advantage of the following discounts, and jump into battle to enjoy a nice x3 bonus on Crew XP.

  • BETTER CONVERSION RATE From XP to Free XP (1 gold = 35 XP)
  • 50% DISCOUNT On Consumables
  • 50% DISCOUNT On Crew Training and Re-Training
  • 50% DISCOUNT On Skill Reset
  • 25% DISCOUNT On Crew Specialisation Change

Crew is Crucial


  • x3 Crew XP for the battle


  • Play a battle
  • Be in the top 10 of your team by base XP earned


  • Starts after the first victory bonus of the day has been used up
  • Only in Random, Stronghold and Global Map battles
  • Repeatable

11 thoughts on “WoT EU – Happy New Year Special

    1. Wargaming NA property. If i could request to have my account put on EU i would in a heartbeat. Lately WGNA has messing over NA as much as possible, even to the point where Mahou wasnt allowed to play against EU.

    2. It’s a shame they are doing poorly on NA, I have to say that the two weekends of double xp were pretty cool but I was expecting more tbh. We didn’t have a santamaus event, nor discount on tanks, nor discount on equipment or anything and not to mention something like the last gift they gave to all the EU players.

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