World of Tanks – New maps coming in 2020 preview

For 2020, the introduction of 2 maps was announced: the Asian “Pearl River”, which will be reworked to HD, second one – “Berlin”.

The Pearl River map will be released only for randoms, but Berlin will be used not only in random battles, but also in the new PvE event (against bots).

11 thoughts on “World of Tanks – New maps coming in 2020 preview

  1. All new maps introduced are welcome. Can’t wait for Berlin
    Pearl River looks really nice. I remember the old one and was wondering why they removed it. It was unbalanced at some points, but it had 2 (I think) revamps.
    There are a few maps that were removed and with a few tweaks could be balanced and enjoyed by many (South Coast, Swamp, Windstorm)

  2. Well the main point it is that they can’t make a good map after 10 years we have almost same map format – short,corridor,narrow,you can’t turn,can’t hide,can’t make ambush,can’t make evasive maneuvers,large valleys without logic etc.We need new,.more and diverse maps.

    1. implementing flanking options would have a negative impact on gold rounds sales, and we cannot have that, can we? 😛
      it’s either that, or plain incompetence. or a lethal combination of both.

    2. I find both frontline maps very comfortable to play, regardless of what tank I use. So it seems that the devs are clearly capable of making good, open maps, they simply chose not to, for their own reasons.

  3. I wish WG takes their cue from the open yet balanced map design in the Normandie Frontlines large map. There is something for everyone in the original FL map and you are not stuck in corridors. during the capture phases.

  4. Oh Pearl River. Always loved that map after the reworks they did. It’s a map where every tank can shine, without being totally stupid about it and, possibly the biggest plus, it’s a map where mobility and spatial awareness truely meant something, because you could outflank and outmaneuver your opponent, if you just knew the roads along the map well enough. I had some of my most memorable games on that map.

    Berlin? Looks like Stalingrad 2.0 at first glance.

  5. Pearl River looks very good almost unaltered from the original lets hope it is 1km x 1km small Maps in WOT are simply stupidly small from Tier 8 and up

    Berlin looks like a doomsday Map, yet another City corridor, corridor, corridor, corridor Map where Heavy Tanks and now Super Heavy Tanks can feel great about there life choices, pressing the W key (all they need)
    – and hearing the ricochet and bounces after bounces as there invincible stupidly thick armour makes them Kings of corridor Maps

    lets hope Berlin is different when it finally arrives than Paris or Minsk etc

  6. You sure this isn’t just a reUpload?`
    I saw those promises before. The jap villiage looks 1:1 like the old changes…again.

    We haven’t even received some other promised map updates but they work on new ones already?

    Those kinda promises often end up on youtube on the show WHAT HAPPEND!?

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