32 thoughts on “WoT NA – WoT Weekly Cancelled

    1. you can tell from the simple fact they stoped improving the only tech tree representing any nation from the Americas, even though its rework has been rumored, confirmed and postponed for years

  1. They should just merge NA with Eu and provide a EU3 (NA based) server for those who want better ping playing from NA. I play from Canada and I have always been a EU player. I get 100-120 ping, which is absolutely fine for WOT. I have played for 3 years at 300+ ping and I could still do fine (2000+WN8).

        1. Yes, but wouldn’t it be absolutely fantastic to have all East Europeans on one single server on the other side of the “wall”? 80% can’t speak English, and are xenophobic, homophobic and inherently hostile of everyone and everything outside their respective countries.

          1. You call them xenophobic while you want to build a “wall” to don’t let them in?

          2. @J. Saville – mate that’s a lot of xenophobia coming from someone who is calling other xenophobic. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

    1. I have heard that for the last 4 years. “The End Is Near“ No, WoT is going to keep going and so am I.

          1. Most likely after the holiday ops are finished and people have made most of their credits and opened all their loot boxes.

  2. Time to open a server on Iceland to serve the western hemisphere and England when those folks get cut off from the EU.

  3. If WOT on NA server dies then its a sign that the game is reaching its tipping point, the Americans are a far more discerning player base they are used to high quality games,

    WOT is not a high quality game far to many glaring ‘mess ups’ from WG Minsk have shown time and time again what Wargame real priorities are

    endless Premium T8 Vehicles … and that’s it!
    Wargame is/ has been in the milking €€€ since 2017 when WG decided money was its new god, not a great and well designed fun to play game

    proof is in the corridor small Maps we have, 40 they say 2 more arriving then ,,, none!
    those 40 maps are a joke, when did you ever see 40 Maps even in a weekend of playing
    Maps cost actual money that don’t bring back any money – simples!

    so as Storm our old Russian comrade used to say ~ please spend much €€€ and $$$

    1. The complete ‘MM will pick its own Teams within 3 seconds’ rule
      added with
      Small corridor Open Space and City Maps

      creates 4 min turbo unbalanced games with 1 good team slaughtering the other in 12 – 3 wins etc

      is WHY WOT is going to fail – WG know this – which is why the quick €€€ money is god is happening

      1. Buy one of those expensive gold packs and you’ll see that the teams get better. I’ve seen it innit.

      1. And by the very fact a Russian/Belorussian company lacks popularity in US.

      2. “too busy playing FIFA” in the US?
        lets be real, have WG actually tried to attract more players from North, Central and South American nations?

        lets start with the easy one, since 2012 (back when Tier 10 mediums, arties and TDs were added) the main lines of the US Tech Tree have remained the same, besides extending the light tank line they only added the autoloaders in the last 7 years, even for premiums we had to wait until 2017 for some reaonable ones to be added (since then its non-stop premiums and no new lines or fixes), how will that work to attract more players?

        the harder one would be all the other nations but with the recent addition of the mechanic to enable multi-national tanks we would expect them to revisit the idea of the mercenary tech tree, even if that is not possible you would at least expect them to add premiums from all those other nations, the Nahuel from Argentina or the X1A from Brazil or even the M61 “Super Sherman” from Chile never forgetting the Canadian Grizzly, Ram II or the one of a kind Grizzly Firefly

        so yeah, while not the solution for everything it is still a fact that they for the last 7 years they simply have not created new goals for the players from the NA nations, that had to play a role in losing players

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