WoT EU – Discounts on most tier VIII vehicles!

While the new discounts aren’t as good as the ones on RU server were, it’s still a fantastic opportunity to pick up some great tier 8 premium tanks (if you don’t have them yet) for cheap. If you are interested, here are our recommendations:

Heavy tanks: M4 Mle. 49 – Released in the time period of Defenders, Skorpions and Patriots, it follows the same trend of being better than anything else released before it. The tank is very sturdy with strong armor and a decent main gun, just watch out for that turret cupola weakspot.

Medium tanks: M4A1 Revolver – an M4 Sherman platform with a really punchy high velocity 105mm cannon. This is right up in your valley if you prefer big punchy cannons with decent reload time and gun handling.

Light tanks: German M41 Bulldog “Black dog” – While it’s not the best tier 8 light tank anymore like it used to be and it’s quite outclassed by the EBR 75 or LT-432, it still holds up quite well with a decent 90mm cannon and very useful high penetration HE shells.

Tank destroyers: WZ-120-1G FT – If you ever played the SU-122-44, this tank is very similar to that, but simply better in everything. The tank’s armor is pretty good in the front and can even hold up against some premium shells if angled correctly, while the cannon has respectable high damage paired with good enough reload time.

This list has been assembled in regards of how strong the vehicle is. However, if you prefer a crew trainer instead rather than just a strong tier 8 tank, then consider other tanks of the nation and class you are grinding.


0 thoughts on “WoT EU – Discounts on most tier VIII vehicles!

  1. Buy outdated premiums!

    We can’t and won’t bother to make them playable, but we like money very much!

    It’s like black market, only Friday.

    Fools! (wait, last part is not out loud!)

  2. Who tought we would get the same as the russians? You must be really naive to think so…
    I still wonder who the hell is paying to get an Amx CDC nowadays!

  3. The EU black friday offers are worse than ever. Only the shittiest tech tree tanks are discounted, no discounts on the tech tree premium tanks, and they are still praised because they’ve graciously brought back the 50% discount on consumables to steer away the attention of people.

    I really wonder what happened with the EU office and with WG management in overall. I was hoping for a strong and meaningful year for WG but they are delivering disappointments after disappointments. It’s like someone is trying to sabotage the game and the company.

  4. You go get your wallet
    you remove your credit card

    Wargame would like you to please go to there very expensive Premium Shop
    Wargame would like you to buy with your credit Card the “Mega Bundles”
    as many as you like … pretty please
    forgetting that there mostly old and outdated
    and canon fodder & WN8 farming for tier 10 battles

    Black Friday pretend there bargains €€€€€ go spend
    you know you want to waste some money
    Wargame needs your money, please …

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