WoT – M54 Renegade in the Premium Shop (And it’s really expensive!)

Updated: EU server deal is out, and it’s still really expensive

RU server has received the M54 in their premium shop, and a start of the marathon. People who do not want to bother with the marathon stages (wait for our guide later today 😉 )  can pay for the tank outright, and it’s more expensive than it has ever been (For the EBR 75 marathon, you could buy it instantly for 50 ). On the RU server, the tank along with rewards of every stage retails for 65€.


To my knowledge, this is by far the most expensive initial price for the package of any marathon.

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  1. WG I hope your greed will be the death of you.

    Sorry for speaking out of turn but it’s frustrating. I have a job and care about my health so no way I’m logging in for six-eight hours a day for ten days straight to get this tank for free, but I know this thing is strong and I want it so I don’t have much of a choice.

    Also, for the record, 65 euros is the average price of a Tier 9 premium ship in World of Warships.

  2. So be smart, play the marathon at your pace, enjoy the stage prices, then just DON’T buy the overprice piece of pixel art, problem solved.

  3. Even if the removed that giant tumor which made the armor completely useless, that crap still wouldn’t worth half as much money as that

    1. Its not that great, but the hatch isn’t as terrible as the Raumpanzer… Which people seem to like because of that comical shovel

  4. Sad to have to correct you, Veroxx, but all these latest marathon tanks (Progetto, Caern AX, EBR ..) all had the same EU price – 62,28 EUR. SO WG is very stable regarding these prices, each 10% costing 6,28 EUR.
    And as the first 40% at least are quite easy to manage in 10 days, a”normal” price emerges …

  5. This is the first marathon i will just ignore. The greed is ridiculous, bundling all that useless shit only to raise the price.

    1. All marathon tanks cost like that since you’re buying all marathon rewards as well. You’ll be able to buy it later after a few months for a normal price, again, just like every other marathon tank.

      1. Indeed. Unless you make it to stage VI, which I daresay many players won’t, you basically only save money on the extra bells of whistles that come with this ‘generous’ offer. If all you want is the tank (like most players I guess) and you cannot invest the time to get beyond stage V, you might as well wait until the tank is sold the regular way.

  6. This whole marathon is just an illusion.
    First of all, WG tries to trick people into naively thinking that they can complete the marathon in time. When there’s 1-2 days left and these people realise that they have only done half it it, they will use their wallet so they don’t need to feel like they’ve wasted all that time.
    Secondly, WG tries to trick people into naively thinking that this marathon will give them some sort of discount on a tank. This tank has a such high price that even after completing some of the stages in the marathon, it will still cost as much as a regular tank.
    Thirdly, WG tries to trick people into naively thinking that this is “free stuff”. Well, it’s free stuff if you value your own time to be worth $0.00. Well I’ll let you be the judge on that one.
    I havn’t played this game for about 120 days now, and these stupid marathons together with all stupid changes on CT/SB toghether with stupid staff like eekeeboo together will WGs inequal treatment of EU vs RU players just confirms that leaving this annoying game and finding other games to play was the right choice.

    1. idk, eekeepoo somehow DOES make sense:
      1. who else could fill out that santa costume properly?
      and 2., to replace that whatsherface Kandi, WG with their hip gender neutrality just offered a PR position for someone with an enormous rack, and eepoo was the biggest pair of tits that showed up for rehearsal.

      oh, and yes, my vote for
      [x] falcon and his views on that marathon as well as the state of the game.

  7. 10,00% 56,05
    20,00% 49,82
    30,00% 43,60
    40,00% 37,37
    50,00% 31,14
    60,00% 24,91
    70,00% 18,68
    80,00% 12,46
    90,00% 6,23

    Pathetic this is the most complex excel i wrote for wot…
    In eve online i got freaking 4 site tables for multiple resources going into production showing profit rates (including taxes) :I

    To say wot is simple is to say the ocean might be moist.

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