WoT Supertest – Object 752 changes v3

Nerfhammer keeps striking.

– Aiming time from 2.88 nerfed to 3.07 s
– Time between shots nerfed from 2.75 s. to 3 s
– Average damage per minute from 2.049 to 2.019.
– Tank’s HP from 1850 to 1750.

0 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Object 752 changes v3

    1. I still like to see slight nerfs to armor (a.k.a. known as weakspots e.g. cupolas that can be penned without HEAT …) than having a tank you cannot harm but it can only (slowly) harm you.

      so as much as nerfs to bring this thing down to tier 9 level are appreciated, I still feat this thing will be bad for gameplay.

      1. well 248mm of penetration at Tier 9 and 440dmg is not something \”slow\”, and btw about half of the Tier 9 HTs have similar pen (246~252mm), they had to cut on something because it has high mobility like the other autoloaders but with the HUGE benefit of having proper armor
        we will have to wait for the damage model to be available in order to be sure, however either way you put it over 300mm of armor on the front of a oscillating turret is something that most non-Soviet conventional heavy tanks can only dream about, even at Tier 10
        it will only be a problem if it will be a premium, however it is also better to have it like this than the fake auto-\”reloader\” on the IS-3 that works like modern autoloaders do and pretty much turn it into a T-72 disguised as a IS-3

          1. that\’s \”peanuts\” (don\’t ask, its a quote only Portuguese will understand)
            be it 440, 400 or 390 it is still high, that\’s just the perception because we are used to see the Soviets with the higher alpha on their guns, 390dmg is simply making it more standard and is also good news given the powercreep

            also, you all cannot forget that unlike other autoloaders this one won\’t be punished nearly as much during the 9 secs it takes to unload all 3 rounds, its 300mm of armor on the front and I am pretty sure most of it will be spaced (because of the \”collar\”), they had to balance it in some other way

    1. thx for code don\’t listen to them . thx mapleleaftanker. Wot community so toxic they wont even accept a friendly gesture .

  1. Yes damage was \”nerfed\” to 390.
    Just remember that all russian high tier tanks hit above their average damage usually…

    So its still 440 ahahahahaha.
    Lets also hope this isn\’t some reward tank and will be available to the Patrons of the game.

    The so called \”nerfs\” mentioned above, and the avg dmg nerf aren\’t really nerfs.

    The 330mm turret armour is of most concern. Turret looks french but is made from neutron star???.

  2. armando30wot lol the saying goes that\’s peanuts and it means not much of the big picture. And 50 damage per shot is hug considering you have 3 sec aim time and the same amount of time between shells 3 secs . Wargaming is nerf happy now bc they put out some broken tanks like the Chieftain and the 907. They need to keep tanks longer and open up the supertest to all servers not just RU and superunicoms . I mean the recent premiums like the turtle and the Senlacc and the t27 are just plain awful . They need to find a happy medium to balance tanks . 6 secs is a long time to do 1170 damage if you even roll and pen all your shots witch never happens .

  3. Makes one wonder how stupidly OP this thing was in the first iteration of testing, before they started hammering in the nerfs.

    Well, can\’t complain if ruski stuff gets nerfed, it\’s long overdue.

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