WoT Blitz – ATGMs and Japanese TDs


Unveiled at a recent WoT Blitz livestream, we received new information about the future of WoT (Blitz?).

  • Japanese tank destroyer line: releasing in the Summer of 2020. One of the tanks is known and it’s in the picture – Ho-Ri 1. This is the first time Blitz is getting a new line before the main game.
  • ATGMs. WG talked about the concept being rebalanced and perhaps tested again. It has been a long time since initial guided missile tests.

15 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – ATGMs and Japanese TDs

  1. If WG can’t balance the current rounds, what makes you think ATGM can be balanced? Although would be cool if you drop 100,000 creditos per missile. 8)


  2. more importantly, what is that thing beside the XM551?
    seems like a T92 LT with the Sheridan turret

    btw I am pretty sure that is not the 10cm cannon the Ho-Ri was supposed to use, then again it would not be possible to balance all 3 Ho-Ri designs to Tiers 8, 9 and 10 without some creative liberty, and so it is ok


    1. it had to happen if you expect them to spread all 3 Ho-Ri designs across the top 3 tiers, they can’t simply buff the 10cm cannon depending on the tier, it might be possible regarding penetration but they can’t justify damage increase, it would either end underpowered at Tier 10 or OP at Tier 8

      conclusion: different guns that were available at the time will be used for balance, 15cm, 12.7cm, 14cm, etc


  3. Please no missiles in WoT PC. They’re one of the reasons AW became such a craphole (especially PVE), I don’t want to repeat the same experience again.

    Also, not sure why Blitz gets priority for the Japanese TDs.


  4. “This is the first time Blitz is getting a new line before the main game.”

    WG could easily add the Japanese TDs to the PC version in 8 months too.


  5. If ATGM’s involve having to have the intended victim within your line of sight then it’s already miles better than the stupid artillery system we currently have to endure in the game.

    Plenty of scope for making ATGM’s viable and fun, especially if we can get a AMX 1390 fitted with 4! >:D


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