New WoT Exploit – Never take fall damage with any tank!

Hopefully it will get patched soon, or not.

8 thoughts on “New WoT Exploit – Never take fall damage with any tank!

  1. Nice physics WG, goes well in hand with your messed up hit boxes, invisible walls, soap-rocks and clown cars. Don’t forget to also add +/- 25% RNG to your ray tracing 😀


  2. thats perfectly logic especially since if you bump in some obstacle, including dead tanks, with full speed on, lets say, a LT…you take 0 damage

    i think its same principle here 😛

    extreme realism for a game ! unexpected quality…


  3. I’ve seen many failed clicker suicides because of this “glitch” and I must say, it’s quite amusing. Can’t wait for a drowning “glitch” lol


  4. This guy is not the founder of this 😂😂😂 it’s simple to understand, I’m an extreme glitcher of this game. If you land on your turret (up side down) or flat in your tracks you will take complete fall damage and end up suiciding. Falling from any amount of height landing on your side back of ur tank (pointing upwards) or landing on your front (facing downward) you will take 0 fall damage. It’s not really an exploit it’s just that when WG was fixing the issue when hitting a destructible object in mid air you would take insane damage. They did now fix this issue but they completely messed up with all vehicles falling off something and taking damage.


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