World of Tanks – Sandbox Extended

On November 4 at 12:00 (GMT) Sandbox server will come to an ended. So there are 3 days left to still participate in the sandbox.
WG have added extra free experience and silver (free experience: 1.000.000, credits: 999.999.999). in order to test even more tanks until the closure.

The result and performance data of the sandbox are likely to be announced later.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Sandbox Extended

  1. Pardon my French. What are your sources to claim that the changes will go live later? (Why would they need to extend their testing period then?)

    We all know that it would cause a major shit storm if the changes hit the server as is. So; some credible source would be nice; otherwise these are just pretentious claims hoping to stir up some hate just as the passive aggressive comment lines with the last posts about WG. Once again, no hate, merely constructive feedback to maintain the quality of these articles.


    1. Might have not put it in the article correctly, I did not explicitly mention the changes are to be released, but merely the resulting data. If that stirred up some confusion, I am sorry, that part of the article is rephrased in a more understandable way.

      1. Thanks, sorry for my harsh tone, I was also a bit too quick I realized after reading again. Let\’s kiss and make up.

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