WoT Supertest – Object 752



Today, the Soviet Tier IX heavy tank Object 752 is entering the supertest.

The main features of the machine are an oscillating turret and a drum cannon. This is an atypical combination for a Soviet tank. The drum itself can be classified as fast: three shells, reloading between them – 2.75 seconds. The entire drum reloads in 21.8 seconds. The accuracy of the gun is 0.4 m per 100 m, the aim time is 3 seconds. A standard armor-piercing projectile pierces 256 mm, and a special sub-caliber projectile penetrates 318 mm. Shell damage is 440. Viewing range – 380 m.

Armor of the tank corresponds to the class: the frontal projection of the turret reaches 330 mm, and the hull – up to 180 mm. However, it should be remembered that the frontal plate of the turret covers the weakly armored oscillating part, so it is better to fight at an average distance. The dynamic characteristics will help to maintain it: the maximum speed of 50 km / h and the thrust-weight ratio of 17.4 hp / t. The gun’s depression angle of −8 ° will allow you to play from the terrain.

“Object 752” combines the aggressiveness of Soviet tanks and French caution. Dynamics allows him to rush to the desired position in the forefront, and firepower – quickly inflict great damage due to the drum. However, later it will be necessary to wait out the drum charging somewhere, not forgetting to hide the weakly armored zones. The key to an effective game on this tank is a timely reaction to the situation on the battlefield, as well as understanding and using its strengths.



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  1. Will need to see the armor layout at some point, but this is a very odd tank. Like, is it the start of a new line? A reward tank? Maybe one of the new tier 9 premiums that WG has alluded to lately?

    1. I thought «is this the rework of the IS-4 line» because they already announced the ST-I line, but since they said the IS-4 would become Tier 9 (some BS about it not doing well at Tier 10) and this thing as a oscillating turret it cannot be, but given the peoximity of the ST-II line they have to announce it soon (maybe the Obj.278?), which means this is either a reward or a Tier 9 premium

  2. Lololol. There is the Soviet auto(re)loader, everyone was meme\’ing around. What a Bullshit game WoT has become. Wow.


  3. All I see is yet another Soviet Bobject that\’s obvious over power ~ a 3 drum autoloader with a 7 second reload for a 122mm gun (?) is stupidly fast only 21 seconds for a full reload

    and -8 gun depression? how convenient for WG

    50kph and power ratio of 17.4 hp/ton is good for a MT – never mind a Soviet Bobject HT

  4. Another tank to make sure people will choose russian, autoreloaders from Italia, autoloaders from France, superheavies from Germany and mobile heavies from China now all represented in the Russian techtree

  5. Finally, I\’ve been waiting for days for a new ruskie op heavy dream machine. WG, ignoring problems, fixing stuff not needed fixing and power-printing game ruining machines. Just google \”wg obj op\” to see 279E, 140, 252U… Next!

  6. Oh look! Another blyat der\’mo Soviet heavy tank nice! This game really needs more such National content added!

    Meanwhile Belarus\’s the first billionaire came to be….

    /end rant

  7. DA DA…I wonder tho how can you get this tank, a reward for some kind of event, or it will be again a reward for CW…

          1. Cause there\’s never been anything other than tier 10 rewards for cw right?

            T23E3 (tier 7)
            Chieftan/T95 (tier 8)
            IS5 (tier 8)
            KV4 Krevlaskiy (tier 8)

            So, crazy to think it could be one. Don\’t be an asshat.

  8. Ahhhhh…now I see why Hallowe\’en mode wasn\’t completed: developers were dropping LSD and coming up with new Russian OP tanks. It all makes sense now.

  9. They forgot to mention it was made in the sekrit base of Balansky, built on the island of Katorga-12.

    1. You know, EU is totally unimportant for them, makes only small part of their income… what counts is russian speakin market, thats they main market, not some unimportant EU and their opinions about the game… The CIS region is fine with the game, so everythin is fine…

      1. Is it only the devs that think because the largest player base is Russian, that the Russian line needs to so overpowered?
        I\’d like to think that players would grind a line that appeals to them without worrying about being unpatriotic if that line is not from their own nation.

  10. Well, I do wonder though, were the majority of WGs income cigs from. I would guess, Western Europe has more money to spend on WoT. But that\’s just that – a guess.

    For the tank: well, at least it is not an autoreloader but a “normal“ autoloader. Bad enough, but armor layout will be important as well as dispersion values. I expect trollish angles and MT-like dispersion, though.

    1. The player base is much much bigger in CIS… the quantity outperforms the quality, lets say so… in regards of income I mean… second thing – dont get very satisfied with that Russia is poor… OK, its not like Europe but who wants spend money in such a CIS famous / legendary game like WOT is, spends the money anyway… WOT has really big status in CIS region… so is their income from that region.

  11. Holy crap the AMX 50 120 is even more obsolete now. WG seems to enjoy saddling it with a 3.5 second intraclip but the stupid Russian tank gets 2.75 second intraclip and workable armor, figures.

    The guy above is correct, they are literally putting every playstyle in the Russian tree so you only have to play that tree and nothing else is unique anymore.

  12. No one mentioned the 330mm turret armour?.

    And I think you mean sub-sonic rounds not sub-calibre, unless the main gun fires 2 different calibres?.

    Hopefully not a reward tank as most patrons SPEND because they don\’t have the TIME to grind.

    Yeah that age old argument.

    Can\’t wait to get one, and a russian double barrel gun tank.

    My garage is gonna be full of russian top quality tanks.

    1. It is sub-caliber. Sub-caliber rounds fly faster, but their dispersion is worse (because there is less mass, so less inertia).

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