0 thoughts on “Object 703-II Gameplay Video

  1. This supposed supertester plays like a noob. Save you precious time, he haven\’t used the double shot once during the video.

  2. Exactly the kind of braindamaged monkey you would expect to supertest for thousands of people with an actual brain

  3. ahh I remember +2MM with T8 v T6 those were the good old seal clubbing days ~ not any more though not on the EU server for so many months cannot remember the last time? .. on the RU server
    of course comrade
    play a looks like a very OP +2MM over puny T6 go enjoy ( and no less than a new double barrel

  4. Noob player in video , but looks like there is a new serif in town , 1v1 defender to check the best tier 8 tank atm

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