World of Tanks – Referral Program 2.0: A New Season Is Almost Here!


The second season of Referral Program 2.0 kicks off on September 18. All its conditions remain unchanged, so let’s dig into the details.

According to the Referral Program regulations, Commanders can have only two slots for recruits. With the start of a new Season, we always provide you with two new slots for recruits, and all unused slots disappear. Therefore, if you have already used both slots before September 18, you will automatically be credited with two new slots. Your progress on ongoing contracts continues, and your old connections are saved.

Example: If you have used only one slot, then with the start of the new Season two new slots will be added, and the unused one will disappear. If both slots are not used yet, they will disappear too; you will be credited with two new slots.


Stage III
Tier VIII vehicle


Tier VI-VII vehicles

New Premium Reward Tanks

We have also updated the list of reward tanks that will be available to Commanders and Recruits. The following vehicles have been added:

  • SU-122-44, a Soviet Tier VII Premium tank destroyer (Recruit’s reward)
  • 112, a Chinese Tier VIII heavy tank (Commander’s reward)

Just like the previous Season, you can choose to receive the value of the tanks in credits instead.

Take Part in the Great Race!

Along with the beginning of the new Season, one of the most long-awaited game modes in World of Tanks—the Great Race—will also be starting. If you invite another player to the Referral Program during the Great Race, a standard referral connection will be established between you based on the existing rules of Referral Program 2.0. After that, a special mission will be available to Recruits. Upon completion, the Recruit and the Commander will earn the following  rewards: