Wargaming Game Center – A new game joins the platform

Partisans 1941 or just Partisans by Alter Games is the 2nd game non-developed or published by WG to join the Game Center. Second to Eugen System’s Steel Division 2.

About the game

Partisans is a real-time tactical strategy with non-linear type of storytelling. This game is about soviet partisans and their activity during World war II. It’s focused on harsh reality in those times, when many people became reluctant heroes, and every feat required its price, and sometimes this price was extremely high.

The game shows the war from a new, poorly explored angle. However, it is not a historical simulator, Partisans offers a unique interpretation of those times’ events. The game shows partisans’ everyday life, which is full of cold, hunger and wounds. Still there is a room for joy as well. Players would have to make tough choices, for example, they’ll have to decide whether to help civilians and betray their position or to walk past and stay unnoticed. The game give opportunities to prove oneself in a fight, to overcome the superior forces of the enemy using cunning and mother wit , and to leave the field when the situation is really bad.

Check out Partisans here

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        1. Realistically, if they own the studio, the right to put it on steam or to keep it on their own launcher is up to them.

          Epic doesn\’t own most of the games it pays to excusivize, so that\’s where the main point of contention is.

          1. Literally the first sentence from the article:

            \”Partisans 1941 or just Partisans by Alter Games is the 2nd game NON-DEVELOPED OR PUBLISHED by WG to join the Game Center.\”

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