WGFest – Post Show QnA (Bond shop and more)

– The fate of the Steel Hunter mode is very good. But first of all, right now we want to look at the outcome of the mode, heatmaps and other things. There are big plans for it, the mode has shown itself well and what we expected from it.

– We cannot release a bond shop so far due to a number of technical problems.

– The game is already 9 years old, the audience has been developing  and the demand for bots has increased, therefore we are already quietly testing them on 2 clusters (Latin America and Australia). There are bots at the bottom tiers, the system for them  is currently being developed and tested, trained and improved. Work is ongoing, we have a plan. The second option is what was in the Last Frontier mode. This is to offer players to play some kind of cooperative PvE form. Everything, as it was in the mode. We have already begun to try, and initially all this arose in 2017, from the halloween mode with Leviathan, when we had artificial intelligence. We are preparing the foundation for solving problems at low levels.

– However, if we go and think even further, we still have 3 radical options. If we talk about the RU-region, we have a lot of servers, and there are solutions related to this. The bottom line is to build a common RU-cluster as a single interface, so that physical servers become invisible. But no, you need to move the first two options into the PvE element.

– The statistics do not confirm the abnormal amount of LT in battles, this is a vision error, and the fact that such abnormal battles are remembered by the players. There are battles with abnormal emissions of any classes, for example, with mediums. However, now we are testing a special algorithm that does something to finally deal with such anomalies. No, this mechanism will not work on the limitations of technical classes. If we make such restrictions, you will have to wait much longer in the battle queue. If you are good at remembering and focus on such fights, the same thing we had with the repetitions of maps. Statistics do not confirm this data. But yes, the problem of anomalous fights of different classes does exist.

– Unbanning permanently banned players is not yet exactly planned.

– Black Market 2.0 – Have you been up at 7 in the morning? We don’t know anything about the Black Market; it’s not ours at all. You never know, maybe someday, someone will launch.

– Waffentrager auf E 100 on the Black Market? You yourself are sure that you want this. Nobody wants that. You yourself don’t want it. Looks like someone made you ask this question …

You need to understand that the Black Market in WoT was a surprise.

– Suffering is part of the DNA of World of Tanks.

– Patches and medals for collectors of premium tanks is a very good idea, yes. Why not. However, you can focus on patches in battle, so there’s a double-edged sword.

– On the last tested Sandbox the usage of HE fell down a lot.

– Bots in the Last Frontier possessed a memory, and if they saw you, they remembered the place where you fired from and could blindfire you like an ordinary player. But in reality they were not tough.