WoT – Secret leak hunt continues! (August – October roadmap)

Sanya strikes again

If you look like this, then everything is connected, but not quite. I think you know what to do about it. By the way, free a couple of months.


Well, according to Sanya (Who is a WG employee), this roadmap will span over several months and according to russian sources should end somewhere near the end of september – beginning of october, but this isn’t known fully yet.

If we fill in the empty icons, the roadmap looks like this:


We’ll leave the roadmap for you guys to decypher.

6 thoughts on “WoT – Secret leak hunt continues! (August – October roadmap)

  1. It means WG employs a bunch of imbeciles, trying too hard to hype mediocre and meaningless crap to sell overpriced pixel creations and promote boring events.

    A responsive approach, where old premiums are not made obsolete to sell new ones, together with real care for game\’s true problems would make a real improvement to sales, more than any hype and leak hunt secret bullshit.

    But it would mean WG respects it\’s clients, and they will never stoop so low.

  2. Serveral months can be translated in two months. The 7 and 8 icon are nothing more than frontline episode 7 and 8. based on that the chaffee race is in the second half of september.

  3. So… Czechoslovakian Škoda T27 is released about the date of 1.6 release and Chaffee race in the end of September.

  4. I guess the time-line with the tank and a 27 attached could mean theres a Marathon incoming, probably for the T-27 or 27 days long -.-

  5. No marathon probably, WG mentioned some time ago that none should occur till September.

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