WoT NA – Stream Chain Missions


I stream, you stream…

Want to discover the latest news and information in World of Tanks and earn valuable items? Then check-out our Stream Chain missions! Rewards include:

Consumables: Personal Reserves: Other Items:
It all starts August 1 and runs until the end of the month!

How it works:

1. On Tuesday and Thursday of each week keep an eye on our Discord server where we will announce the release of the code before the livestream begins.

2. Watch the Stream and look for the secret code — once you spot it, redeem it to unlock an in-game mission.

3. Complete the in-game mission before Sunday following the code drop and earn a reward! If a code releases on Thursday, for example, you have Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to complete the mission.

4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until the end of the event.

“Wait,” you say. “If I miss a stream and the secret code, can I continue the event?”

Yes! If you miss a stream (and thus, the code), you can continue to watch streams for other codes and complete missions for rewards — they just won’t be as robust. The longer you keep the “streak” alive, the better the rewards!

Each code is limited to 500 redemptions, so use it as soon as its revealed so you can access the mission!

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  1. absolutely zero interest in watching other people play or talk about playing. One of the most lame activities of modern day players .. Wasting ones time watching while they could be playing.

    1. I guess you\’ve been living under a rock then because that is basically what Esports, gaming videos, and twitch gaming streams are and those collectively rake in billions a year.

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