World of Tanks 1.6 – new hidden customization features


In patch 1.6 the developers secretly added two-digit numbers to customization. However, the feature itself is hidden and is also missing in the full patch note description. There are 2 fonts to choose from:

• Two-digit number “Two-digit black”
• Two-digit number “Two-digit handwritten”

There are also blocked (as was the case with three-digit numbers) combinations of numbers: 00 14 18 28 64 88 0


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  1. wow, I guess this is more important than trying to improve game play, balance , or MM. The MM will be the death of WOT I think.

  2. what is the point of blocking numbers? if i call you 14 or 88 it means something ? thats just ridiculous. 426 is blocked for 3 digit, and its a famous engine size.

    1. Maybe you are unaware of this but certain combinations are tight to historical events/persons. In some countries it can be a punishable offence to show them.

    2. I could be Polish and a Robert Kubica Fan (I am neither) and want to put the 88 on my tank for that reason.

  3. 14 and 88 huh.. wonder when they will ban the communist \’symbols\’ fucking WG, a pile of shitlord gopnik commies.

  4. Reference:

    00 – Not a (valid) Number

    14 – Fourteen words

    18 – Letters \”A\” and \”H\” (Adolf Hitler) as per their position in the alphabet

    28 – Letters \”B\” and \”B\” (Blood and Honour/Neo-Nazi circles) as per their position in the alphabet

    64 – Tiananmen Square Protests

    88 – Letter \”H\” two times (Hitler salute)

    0 – Not a (valid) Number

    Some of them are still illegal and/or controversial. To avoid that sort of damage, WG chose to ban them.

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