WoT Supertest – New Minsk changes

On July 8th, the regular changes for the “Minsk” map came out on Supertest, two options at once: Minsk_exp3 and Minsk_exp4. Very soon, Minsk will beat the record by the number of alterations at the supertest.

In theory, already in the next patch the new changes should go into release.
In this version 4 new changes were added:

• The northern base has a new structure, which should balance the position of the circus and increase the variety of gameplay in this part of the location.
• In the upper left corner, the position for the tank destroyers will be revised – the number of bushes will be reduced, and a small hill will be added to cover the fire.
• In the central part of the map, small elevations will be added, which should increase the survival of light tanks in this area. Cosmetic, but an important change – the number of objects that make it difficult to shoot at long distances will decrease – for example, a part of the white fence along the avenue has been removed.
• In the western part of the map, the circus area, the layout of the houses has been completely redesigned: the yards will become more spacious and convenient for fighting.



0 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – New Minsk changes

  1. How can you get everything wrong. all they ever do is remove cover instead of fixing the darn heavy line . and the sides were some of the best spots to fight. fail. NO MAJOR FAIL. Why is wargamings fix to maps always just removing cover ffs.

  2. Minsk was never ever a nice Map – now its just getting worse and worse as all City only Maps do once the idiots at Wargame \’try\’ to fix shit Maps they keep on ramming up our ass \’for comfortable play ) Heavy Tanks

    only role this Map has is for Heavily Armoured slow Tanks to feel there \’great\’ in by pressing the W key …

    Once a shit Map always a shit Map and Minsk is a shitter of a Map

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