World of Tanks Common Test – Manticore buffs

2nd Common Test iteration:
– The number of shells increased from 16 to 20.
– Aiming time from 2.3 to 1.9

– The expansion of aiming circle on movement from 0.18 to 0.16
– The expansion of aiming circle from turning the chassis from 0.18 to 0.16
– The expansion of aiming circle on movement at max. speed from 12.24 to 10.88
– The expansion of aiming circle from turning at max. speeds from 8.1 to 7.2

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks Common Test – Manticore buffs

  1. i have never seen this level of complete lack of self awareness by a game development studio ever before, this is amazing

      1. I know right? You should work on adding some substance to your failure of a whitty reply.

  2. All they had to do was increase the AP alpha to 420, give it HESH rounds and increase the ROF a bit. The only thing they got right was the ammo count buff.

    1. my thoughts exactly, execpt increase AP pen and replace gold type with hesh rounds 530-550 damage

      1. The universe where WG staff members yolo in their scouts never having to use anything more than 10 to 16 rounds let alone 20.

  3. Also need 3 crew members. 2 are just insane. EVEN 90 in real life has 2 but 3 in game.

    1. Playing lower tiers is only for-not-customers who grind tanks instead of buying gold and getting free exp (aka leeches) and WG ignores everyone like that.

  4. Patience. There will be more buffs in the next iteration or when nobody plays them after release. I\’d much rather have them gradually buffed than OP on release then nerfed.

    1. \”OP on realease then nerfed\”? Oh right, latest additions were russian, so nerfing not included.

        1. Yeah and they\’re quite balanced for what they are. Sure they\’re good hull down tanks but the moment they\’e spotted they\’re as dead especially if people start spamming HE or arty lands clean shots on their engine deck or turret roof.

  5. \”The expansion of aiming circle on movement from 0.18 to 0.16\”, while T-100LT is 0.06, WG still say there\’s no russian bias?

    1. Like wheeled lights T-100LT is supposed to fire on the move a lot because it\’s an active scout, imagine that. Manticore in the eyes of WG is a bush-wanking passive scout, but it just doesn\’t work in the current meta, they\’re a bit too late on that.

  6. The Manticore seriously needs HESH rounds, 410m view range and 25 rounds of ammo. I don\’t think minor buffs like this will work.

  7. They need to reduce VR to 390, increase camo further, increase standard AP pen to 265 and alpha to 420. Then replace special ammunition with HESH from APCR, give that 200 pen and 550 alpha damage.

    1. That would actually work great, seeing as the line is intended to be the polar opposite of wheelies (in terms of gameplay). However, as many people keep pointing out, the current meta is heavily biased towards active scouting. You could say WG dug their own grave when they announced a passive scouts line

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