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  1. Obj 279e is not OP at all 🙂
    63% win rate (AVERAGE!)… 🙂
    Few days ago I looked at stats for one of the lucky owners of this beast who had some 350 fights in it with 69% win, average 3500+k dmg and 3000+blocked dmg per game for more than 1100+ EXP a game…

    1. To be fair though.. Only the very skilled players have it. So its natural it preforms great on average

      1. Sure… I agree with you 100% (for me it is SF to get 3 mastery in 15 games with any tank…)
        second/third best tanks (also given to best players in best clans) are around 55%/54% WR…
        Forth best is obj 260 (also reward for best players) is at 53%…

        1. I have to say that players having 279e can play any tanks while still keeping their 60% win rate,
          if they grind that beast by themselves.

    2. omg.. pleaseee.. Like Xenata said , only the best players have it. Second… it\’s so easy to pen in the upperplate (load gold and shot).

    3. If everyone had access to it already trust me the win rate would be much lower and more in line with the others.

      The Obj260 while also a reward tank has been out for years now so way more people have it.

      Same goes for the Chimera. That thing is nothing we could call overpowered, but its win rate is insane for its tier. It\’s just that most of the people who already own one are really good players.

      We\’ll need to see in a few years when the vehicle is more common than just the top players who were skilled enough to get it in so little time. So far I\’ve only met two or three, unlike the 260 which I see every once in a while in tier X.

  2. why ban Airfield, when you can ban crappy Paris and this chinese wall map I can´t remember the name. At least Minsk is in the list

  3. Object 277 is so OP it appears in the \”highest damage per battle\” list twice. 😀

    Also, not surprised by the winrate of some tanks. Chimera I guess it has to do with those who have it being good, but with Object 279 there\’s no excuse, saw one a few days ago and it was the most brainless HT gameplay I\’ve EVER seen in World of Tanks (to the point the pre-nerf Tier 9 VK was stuff for unicums in comparison). Frontally it is more or less impossible to damage, unless you have things like JPz E 100 HEAT, or high tier arty.

    1. \”the Chimera is fine because owners are really good, but the 279e which is way harder to get and a higher tier reward is simply OP clearly it\’s not a case of only really good players own one and there are not many of them\”

      Just shoot gold at the hull and it\’s done. People spam gold at everything they see but when it\’s the \”most OP tank in the game\” they can\’t do anything about it all of a sudden.

      1. That is still completely retarded imho. The only frontal weakspot is the turret cupolas, which are very small, so either you have good enough gold and spam away, or you have a gun with ridiculous penetration and even then you have to hope you don\’t roll low on pen check.

        People can sugarcoat it however they want, Object 279 is a mistake and should\’ve never been added to the game.

        1. At least unlike CW reward tanks not that many people will get it before another few years, by then it\’ll be powercreeped. I don\’t mind the 279e being difficult to fight, I see it maybe one every 100 tier X game, unlike the 907 which I see almost every game.

  4. aha…and are you proud of this (wg) when fuckin premiums or special tanks just DOMINATE almost EVERYTHING in ANY TOP ???

    fucking imbecile balance

      1. theres a big difference between stronk and OP or IMBECILE (without real weakpoints for example – that means idiotism – 279e)

        VK 72k is a strong tank too…but not OP. Why this one can be balanced and RUSKIS CANT??
        Just as example…
        Why all other mediums are ok while 907 is the only one used in CW??

  5. highest damage/battle is obj 277 1st, 4th is obj 277….. wtf ?? double of obj 277?? typo of what ??

  6. Congrats to the russian IS3 clone tanks that make up the entire tier 8 heavy tank highest win rate list, with the exception of the frontlines reward tank. FUNNY THAT.

    Obj252u, Defender, IS3A, IS5, but don\’t be fooled, there are MANY more IS3 clones out there!.

    When russian game needs to nerf russian tank, the nerf bat becomes toothpick.
    Most of time nerf just becomes buff.

  7. First off I heard the top clans stopped playing the chieftain for this very reason. They don\’t want it being on of the pile and get nerfed at some point . If added every clan was battle its in witch is almost everyone . 279e is played in clan wars way less and way less in numbers bc the chieftain is op . Also airfield lol really that is one of the better maps.

    1. ment to say on top of the pile and every clan wars battle but my system deletes every 11th word for some reason really annoying.

  8. also like to say there is a ton of 907s and they been at 55 percent witch is high and tons of scrubs have 907s as the one guy stated buying into clan spots and shit players being given the spot on the team to get the tank. and where is the vk 7201 k the clan wars reward last time I looked was at 55 to

  9. I would like to also point out that the chimera has a really close winrate to the 279e not to mention the chimera is not op but again bc right now mostly only the best player have them . So just more proof the tank has a crazy winrate bc its rare and people don\’t know how to deal with it and its being played by some of the best players including me but im only a bit above average but spent every day since patch was released doing missions and I skipped 2 set on the 279e and the chimera missions were nerfed.

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