WoT EU – Bringing Europe to WG Fest: Tanker’s Day



This year, WG Fest will move from Moscow to Minsk. In other words, our very own festival is now closer to you. And Minsk is a very important city for World of Tanks: it is where our game was born, and our development center is still located in the capital of Belarus!

Just like every year, you can expect some great shows from popular artists, souvenirs, gifts, contests, photo zones, the Clan Super Cup Showmatch between EU and CIS teams (following the Clan Rivals), and a whole lot of gaming, for free! We’ll be there, covering the event, so make sure to book your trip to join us in the Victory Park on 15 September, between 2 and 11 PM. All the details are available on the Wargaming Fest website.

Wargaming Fest Details

Introducing the Premium Garage

But besides this content, a special zone will also make its big entrance! In 2019, we will introduce the Premium Garage, open to the most dedicated fans of World of Tanks and Wargaming titles. There, you will be able to win awesome prizes, chat with developers, learn some news before everyone else, and get your hands on exclusive gifts. If that sounds too cool to be missed, take a look at the package below, featuring some exclusive content and free entry to the Premium Garage on top.


WG Fest 2019 VIP Invitation – 40.91

  • A VIP pass for one person that grants access to the Premium Garage zone at the WG Fest: Tanker Day event in Minsk* as a present.
  •  A set of souvenirs granted as presents to the event guests
  • The unique WG Fest 2019 style for World of Tanks
  • 12×WG Fest 2019 inscriptions for World of Tanks
  • The WG Fest 2019 Fan medal for World of Tanks
  • The WG Fest 2019 Fan unique avatar for World of Tanks Blitz
  • The unique WG Fest Fortress permanent city icon for Gods&Glory

Bundle Conditions

  • This package is limited in numbers.
  • The in-game content will be delivered after the WG Fest is over.
  • The souvenirs are physical and will be delivered on site – they will not be sent by mail.
  • Additionally, all the World of Tanks exclusive content displayed in the bundle above will eventually be sold after WG Fest 2019.

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