WoT Supertest – The T54E2

A newcomer is about to enter the Supertest. This heavy American dude isn’t into formalities; not having a proper name, it’s fine with being addressed by an index: T54E2.

If it had a name still, that would be “Mr. Versatility” as this Yank’s weak sides are balanced by the strong ones.

For example, its gun has a dispersion of 0.4 which is far from ideal.

But with an armor penetration of 226 mm (with a basic shell) the operator of the T54E2 won’t have to thoroughly aim at the weakest points of enemy vehicles.

Penetrating opponents of the same tier won’t be a problem at all. Sure, the combination of an alpha strike of 390 points and 14-second reload time isn’t outstanding.

But the sheer ability to dish out stable amounts of damage with basic rounds is worth much.

As for the survivability, the average hull protection of the T54E2 (150 mm at the front) is compensated for by its thick (up to 240 mm) turret armor. Even though the turret still has a weak spot (the commander’s cupola), the gun depression of -10 degrees allows for more ways of hiding it.

T54E2 is reasonably fast, with a top speed of 45 km/h and a specific power of more than 16 hp per ton of weight.

This lets it take key positions and benefit from its armor penetration and gun depression angle. This tank is a well-rounded fighter, being a jack of all trades but a master of none. It may assist attacking allies or bolster its side’s defenses, being sheer Versatility on tracks.

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  1. I think we can finally say goodbye to any possible US Tech Tree rework, they only care about premiums or Soviet research tanks

    NOTE: it was a medium tank but the M48 hull at Tier 8 can work as a heavy tank, at least compared to the other American Heavy Tanks, if it was Soviet it would be too thin even for Tier 7, but yeah, that is how WG balances things in WoT these days

  2. also, it will be nice for the tier 10 e5 to have 45kph top speed and -10 degrees gun depression

  3. It hurts to see how bad some of the american tanks has become. Even though I like the german tanks the most, I\’m a big fan of american vehicles. Also, I can not understand the \”small\” number (compared to the soviet tree) of american vehicles if there are things like the T77, T58, M60A1 or Chrysler TV-8

    1. you are right, where it matters (Tier 5 and above) the americans can probably duplicate their lines with prototypes or mockup/blueprint designs, like the TS-5 they added recently, there\’s even solutions to remove the fake \”turreted\” T110 TD (T110E4) and replace it with something that was actually designed to have a \”turret\”

      there\’s one blog (Off the Mark: US Revamp) that does gather quite a number of those, the info ins\’t all correct and he did not cover everything but it does allow players to have an idea of how many tanks there are left to add

  4. Of course there is a massive mushroom on the top. Good luck trying to hide it and making your turret actually work to anyone that decides to purchase this contradictional piece of garbage…

  5. Isn\’t this, more or less, a Tier 8 version of the T110E5?

    …still, 3 seconds aimtime, oof.

    1. nope, we already have this tank in the game as a Tier 10 MEDIUM TANK but armed with a 120mm gun instead of the 105mm, it is just one more \”brilliant idea\” someone at WG came up with to make money

      1. You probably mean the T95E6 (clanwar reward tank)? But the hull is completely different.

        1. no the M48A2/T54E2/T123E6, by saying we have in the game I mean it is at least in the game files (since 2014/15) although I do not know if it ever became a CW reward like it was supposed to

          1. I\’m dumb and completely forgot about that one, a friend made me notice as well.

            I guess the Tier 10 version will never see the light now that it\’s been repurposed as a Tier 8 premium?

            I swear if WG makes it a reward… :/

            1. I just can\’t see any reasoning in what WG does to anything that is not Soviet, if I was the one deciding I would take this oportunity to improve the Tier 8 of the American HT line while keeping the T54E2 for some other occasion

              my idea:
              1) replace T32 with T32E1 (same tank with welded frontal plate and no hull MG weakspot) with improved, and more historical/realistic, gun performance for both the 90mm and 105mm guns (90mm stock gun has a penetration of 170mm, same for T28 and T28 Proto, but 190mm when used as the top gun for the M26, with the same ammo choice)

              2) make the old T32 a Tier 8 premium with proper values for the stock 90mm T15 gun, 212mm pen (proper pen for a Tier 8 HT) with better RoF (the T34 low RoF makes it a \”bad\” trainer for the HT line) and more accurate (the 120mm on the top tiers is accurate and would make a good trainer for that) but less alpha damage (lower caliber so no escaping that)

              1. > I just can’t see any reasoning in what WG does to anything that is not Soviet

                That\’s because if they fuck up Soviet stuff, RU goes in a frenzy. And any company wouldn\’t want to disappoint the majority of their customers.

                Also, I don\’t think tanks like Object 268 v4 had any reasoning behind them, even though they are Soviet.

  6. tier 8 t110e5? very cool. they need to give it that absolutely amazing turret dispersion though. even if it means making the 105mm gun deal 360 damage. then buff accuracy i guess?

    1. I\’d certainly take 360 alpha with good aimtime and gun handling over 390 alpha and Soviet aimtime and gun handling.

      Accuracy being so-so can stay, no American HT is accurate anyway.

  7. We really do need another American line though.. I can see this acting well as a good tier 8 for a branchoff from the main heavy line. Say, T29 -> T54E2 -> M103 -> E5? Considering people noting the similarities between the E2 and the E5. Then the other line would be, T29 -> T32 -> T32E1 (Enhanced armor, as presented in WT but buffed reasonably for tier 9, with penetration buff as well) -> [Some good hull down heavy prototype]. I\’m not great at this, but we have enough prototypes and blueprints out there for this to work reasonably well.

    1. Does that mean we finally get an Americal tier 10 heavy with turret armor that actually works and doesn\’t have a mushroom on top? 🙂

    2. the T32E1 is not enough for Tier 9, for 2 reasons:
      1) its armor was not really enhanced but rather simplified, it had the same thickness and angles but they removed the hull MG weakspot

      2) this is the most important because no tank can work without its gun, the 105mm gun used by the T32 is already underpowered for Tier 8 and there\’s no other choice, furthermore they are sort of stuck since they have to keep the gun \”balanced\” for both Tier 7 and 8, putting it as the top gun of a Tier 9 would not work, if its values were a little bit closer to IRL it would do great at Tier 8 but would still not be much at Tier 9

      lastly, fortunately there are other options for alternative HT lines, one such case is by using the T96 design that comes in 3 variants (T96, T96-1, T96-2) that each have different levels of armor protection, furthermore there were proposals involving different guns that could make it easier to fit to different tiers, but this is only one option, there are more but it does not seem like they will ever happen

      also, the T54E2 is a medium tank, it is just WG \”playing around\” with tank designs as usual

      1. Aye, I like your ideas. You know far more about these prototypes and what was available than I, my whole idea involving the T32E1 revolved around the fact that the people at WG are, quite obviously willing to change historical values in the name of balance. The 105 would be given more pen on this particular tank (Much like what was done with the Chrysler, however, it should be bumped to around 245-260 mm pen, and up to 390 alpha) along with enhancing the armor values on the hull. My original idea was solely based off of keeping the american heavies what they have always been, great hull down monsters, in at least one line, instead of suddenly jutting off into two with better hull armor but horrid weakspots on the turret. If the T34 were not a premium tank I\’d consider that a worthy tier 9 (as it was before) for the line, however the issue of a tier 10 that fit well with the line in today\’s meta would still have to be addressed. Furthermore, after some quick googling, I agree that the T96/1/2 would make a great american heavy line, assuming buffing and nerfing were used in appropriate circumstances. To this day it bothers me that the Germans and Russians get 3-4 heavy lines while the Americans, with all of their ideas, only got the one that ended with a mediocre, purely theoretical machine.

        1. the thing with the T32\’s gun, currently the only gun on a Tier 8 heavy tank with less than 200mm of pen with standard ammo (there\’s one with 202mm and the rest with 210+mm pen), is that they could make it work both at Tier 7 and 8 by simply giving it different ammo choices for either tier

          about the T96 armor, the upper frontal plate is angled 65º (same as the T95 currently in use with the Chieftain turret) which is nearly auto-bounce, then comes the turret, almost 400mm effectice armor with great angles all over the front but the problem is always the cupola (it is not thick enough because they did not design tanks to engage at close range) so any possible need is only a minor tweek

  8. What I find amazing: This tank gets a cupola, that is a weak spot. If it was russian, it would surely get 200mm+ there. Just think of Obj. 430.

    I still wonder, if they ever dare to touch this topic. Same like buff of turret roof of Obj. 140. Formerly it was overmatchable by quite many tanks (though still very small). Now it\’s autobounce for almost anybody.
    I the other hand there is the roof of the Tiger II, that is only 40mm so it is overmatched by all the russian 122mm guns …

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