World of Tanks – free M6A2E1 “Mutant” for Veterans?

There might be a new deal going around as players who haven’t touched WoT for a while might receive this image in their inbox. Players who have reported this claimed that this came from NA cluster Wargaming representatives, and the offer is reportedly legit, with more people claiming to have gotten this email.

Transcript says:

Download Wargaming Game Center and Get the M6A2E1 for FREE! Hop over to your garage and prepare for the mightiest vehicular firefights around! Download the Game Center, fire up World of Tanks, play a battle, and you’ll receive a FREE tier VIII heavy tank, the M6A2E1 “Mutant,” on the house. If that doesn’t get your engine running, you’ll also get the chance to take two other Premium tanks for a 50-battle test drive!

We haven’t been able to confirm this is in fact real, as it sounds too good to be true, but the people who claim to have received this email have provided valid proof for this to be believable or in fact real.

We’ll keep you updated if any other news surface around this particular offer. Check your inboxes people, you might be missing out on free goodies!



0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – free M6A2E1 “Mutant” for Veterans?

  1. Wargaming sinking to new lows, giving away exclusive pre-order vehicles for free.

    Is there really not a shred of dignity left in this company?

    1. All you do is fucking moan. If you donnot like the game then donot play it. Loooser

      1. What are you on about? I point out genuine problems but I guess in your little world that could be considered moaning for some bizare reason.

  2. Regarding the picture, one could technically edit the in-game text (pretty easy once you find out how) and replace a reward one\’s name with it…

      1. Didnt even get a email I just redownloaded after 2 years and it was there with the 2 50 games premium tanks.

    1. Yeah, I agree, it seems a bit too good to be true. But after all, this is the NA server we\’re talking about, so I am not surprised that they did something like this.

  3. Personally I wouldn\’t even want this tank for free, has to be one of the ugliest tanks I\’ve ever seen. Would much rather get a HWK-30 instead 😛

  4. The god damn assholes gave us a free camo as compensation. Bite the hand that feeds you..

      1. Haven\’t bought anything this year. Still have premium account as I bought it on discount.

        Still, does not change the fact that WG are assholes when they break promises.

  5. Don’t make bs posts like this here is what it says, because I am inactive and I got the email

    “Hop over to your garage and prepare for the mightiest vehicular firefights around! Download the Game Center, fire up World of Tanks, play a battle, and you\’ll receive a FREE 7-day rental of the tier VIII heavy tank” its a rental so stop getting your panties in a twist lol.

    1. Unless they are doing two different things based on how long you have been inactive, either ways I wouldn’t put it past wargaming, hence me being done with this game, wows is much better.

      1. Yeah, WoWs is sooo much better… Maps popped full with tiny islands everywhere, ships reversing in the middle of the ocean, capital ships that fight in the first line, storms that make your radio not work anymore, not to mention all anime. That game is even more messed up than WoT.

  6. Oh well, nothing so far on EU. Have not played since september last year. Perhaps logging into and playing games on the WOT Classic server counted towards this? Then I am out of luck (for a while).

    1. I have a feeling that the same thing happened to me. I also have an NA account besides my EU account and I logged in the Classic server with my NA account because I wanted to try if it was also that laggy like with my main or for some other reason. Today I played several battles on my NA one and I haven\’t received anything. I haven\’t even got an e-mail. So bad for us, I guess.

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