World of Tanks – Capture the King Tiger

This Tiger may have been caught by the Allies, but he’s on the loose again!
A Twitch Prime exclusive, you can tame this beast right now and ride it into battle!

Hail to the King!

Armor fit for a king! Thanks to thick armor plates and their angling, this tank has some of the best frontal protection at Tier VII. The sides offer great protection, too! Your enemies will have a challenge on their hands if they want to penetrate this vehicle’s sides when angled.

An American vehicle with a classic German feature—an accurate cannon that’s effective from any distance. No-one will be able to escape the royal rage.

The legendary “88” is fitted on this royal. The 88 mm cannon can penetrate almost any opponent with its standard shell, so you’ll only need to use APCR rounds in exceptional circumstances. ACHTung, ACHTung!

At Tier VII, few opponents can boast such a high survivability. The King Tiger can survive more than a few hits. Even in a hopeless situation, if it’s cornered, enemies will pay a high price. If this Tiger is king of its team, watch out! He’ll be hard to stop!

How Can I Get the Captured King Tiger?

To get the Captured King Tiger you need to:
  • Be a Twitch Prime member (i.e. have Twitch Prime subscription).
  • Link both your and Twitch accounts in the Account Management Page. If you’ve done this already, you don’t need to do it again.
  • Claim your Captured King Tiger on the offer page*.
* For the tank to be credited to your account, you will need to launch the game after claiming it. If you are already in the game, please close it and log back in.

If you claimed the tank once, there’s no need to re-claim it every month when a new content package gets revealed.

If you discontinue your Twitch Prime membership, the tank will become unavailable for battle, but will not be removed from your Garage.

If you unlink your Twitch and accounts, the tank together with the Slot will be removed from your account. The crew and 3D style will be sent to the Barracks and the Storage respectively.

All other content items from Care Packages (to be claimed separately) remain. To get the combat-ready tank back, you’ll have to become a Twitch Prime member again. The tank will be granted back to you, but you’ll have to manually recruit the Crew and install the 3D style.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Capture the King Tiger

  1. \”If you discontinue your Twitch Prime membership, the tank will become unavailable for battle, but will not be removed from your Garage.\”

    Thank you WG and Prime,

    1. It\’s a promotion…
      Clearly smarter than the average cheater.

      Sub a day and win a price eh?

    1. >exclusive
      We\’ve seen how WG handles their \”exclusive\” tanks, \”Mutant, Fury, Pz.V/IV, Hydrostat, ect\”

  2. This all program is a scam, unless you already signed up for twitch prime, and even then, logical thing would be to give the tank for say, a year subscription. Not to play give-take like idiots, WG.

    On the other hand, I like meeting the tigers in battle, fun opponents, good addition to the game.

  3. Twitch Prime is included with Amazon USA Prime. I have Amazon Germany Prime, but not Twitch Prime it would seem. Lovely way of thinking and making that Jeff Bezos even richer, charging Prime for every region makes sense because shipping costs can\’t be covered globally.
    Twitch Prime is a purely Internet based service so any regional Prime should have Twitch Prime.

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